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Cold Cuts

Cold Cuts Delivery in Manila

Enjoy a selection of delectable cold cuts from France, Spain and Italy at The Bow Tie Duck. Peruse through our collection and enjoy safe and fast delivery to areas in Metro Manila and neighboring cities
Villani Summer Truffle Cooked Ham (Prosciutto Cotto)

Villani Summer Truffle Cooked Ham (Prosciutto Cotto)

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What is the meaning of cold cuts?

The meaning of cold cuts is simple. They refer to thin, flat slices of cold cooked or cured meat. They come by many names such as deli meats or lunch meats. They are often preferred meats to add on charcuterie boards or even on sandwiches.

What are considered cold cuts?

What are considered cold cuts come in a variety of forms: they are often hams, salami, sausages or meat loafs. They are either cured, pre-cooked or smoked with a variety of flavorful ingredients.

What are the most popular cold cuts?

The most popular cold cuts vary in several countries. In the US, cured hams remain the most popular. If Italian cold cuts are preferred, Parma Ham, Mortadella & Pancetta take the top.. For Spanish cold cuts, the premium Jamon Iberico de Bellota remains king. For French cold cuts, saucisson is a go-to.


Are cold cuts ready to eat ?

Yes, cold cuts are ready to eat and to be enjoyed as soon as you get them. Often they are bought already sliced and in vacuum seal packs, for your convenience.

Do cold cuts need to be cooked?

Most cold cuts do not need to be cooked as they are ready to eat and already cooked or cured. They are safe to eat cold or at room temperature.

What cold cuts can I cook with ?

Among the cold cuts that you can cook with are guanciale and pancetta that are required for a number of traditional Italian pasta dishes. ‚ÄėNduja and Spanish chorizos can also be used as bases to make spreads or sauces.

How to slice cold cuts?

Cold cuts should be sliced with an optimal thickness of no more than ¬ľ inches or 6 mm. But some people prefer them thinner and almost translucent. It is important to have a sharp knife but you may also use a deli slicer or a meat slicer.

How to make a good cold cuts platter and cheese platter ?

There is no right or wrong way to create a good cold cuts and cheese platter. Often included are complementary cold cuts and cheeses. Among the favorites for platters are parma ham, prosciutto, chorizo and mortadella. A variety of soft and hard cheeses are added to complement.


Can I store cold cuts in the fridge?

Cold cuts are stored in the fridge unopened, for up to 2 weeks. After opening, it should be consumed within a week.

Can I store cold cuts in the freezer ?

Cold cuts can be stored in the freezer but it should be done with a warning as meats with a higher water content such as ham can change drastically in texture once thawed. You may also discover that some cold cuts are slightly moist after thawing. Be sure to only opt for this method when it cannot be helped to have leftovers from opened vacuum packed cold cuts.

How long can I store cold cuts?

Cold cuts in the fridge, provided they are still sealed in vacuum packs, can last for up to 2 weeks. An exception can be made for cold cuts such as Jamon Iberico de Bellota which can last longer, based on their prescribed best before dates on packaging.


What is the difference between Spanish, French and Italian cold cuts?

The difference between Spanish, French and Italian cold cuts lie in the traditions each country has upheld in production over the years. You will notice that Italian cold cuts work heavily with spices. Spanish cold cuts pack a certain spice and with the case of Jamon Iberico de Bellota, specific regulations are imposed in producing and drying. French cold cuts rely on specific preservation techniques that focus on their regional geographic strengths.

How to say cold cuts in Spanish ?

In Spanish, cold cuts are referred to as Charcuterias.

How to say cold cuts in French ?

In French, cold cuts are called Charcuteries.

How to say cold cuts in Italian ?

In Italian, cold cuts are referred to as Salumi

How to say cold cuts in Tagalog ?

In Tagalog, cold cuts have no direct translation. They are still referred to as Cold Cuts.


Where to buy Cold Cuts ?

You can buy cold cuts in a variety of forms and origins from The Bow Tie Duck. The Bow Tie Duck delivers Italian, Spanish and French cold cuts to Metro Manila and neighboring cities with pristine respect to proper handling and storage. Assured you get your cold cuts in the best condition.