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Special Selection Jam贸n Ib茅rico de Cebo by Boucheries Nivernaises

Indulgence in Every Bite

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Experience a gastronomic delight wrapped in the allure of Spanish tradition with our Special Selection Jam贸n Ib茅rico de Cebo by Boucheries Nivernaises. This exceptional delicacy, cherished for its complex flavor and captivating aroma, is the epitome of luxury in the world of high-end food products.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Emanating the richness of the Spanish dehesa, this jam贸n showcases an intricate symphony of flavors that unfold with every bite. Noble Iberian pigs, nourished by a diet of acorns and grains, give this delicacy its distinctive character. Each slice, cut from the finest meat, blesses the palate with a velvety texture that melts effortlessly, releasing a harmony of earthy, nutty notes underlined with whispers of sweetness. The generous marbling of delicate fat enhances the savory richness, evoking a sensory experience that lingers long after the last bite. Hand-crafted by the artisans at Boucheries Nivernaises, this Jam贸n Ib茅rico de Cebo is a testament to the brand鈥檚 commitment to traditional methods, quality, and exceptional flavor.

Pairings & Suggestions

Tapas: Jam贸n Alone or with Manchego

Slim slices of Jam贸n Ib茅rico, served alone, accentuate its unique taste profile. Paired with slivers of sharp, slightly salty Spanish Manchego cheese, it creates a timeless combination savored across Spain.

Wholesome Bread

The rustic touch of crusty bread complements the munificent textures of Jam贸n Ib茅rico. Drizzle with a hint of extra virgin olive oil for an authentic Spanish touch.

Spanish Wine

A glass of robust red wine such as Rioja or a crisp Andalusian Fino sherry underlines the rich palate of this luxurious ham, making each bite more sublime.

A Tale Wrapped in Tradition

Boucheries Nivernaises, an esteemed French butcher established in 1954, takes about 24 months to craft each exquisite piece of Jam贸n Ib茅rico, a product of centuries-old Spanish heritage. Select Iberian pigs are bred in the dehesa, a unique Spanish pasture speckled with holm oak and cork trees, fostering the delectable nuttiness of their diet in the final product. The meticulous attention to traditional methods and provenance upholds the brand鈥檚 commitment to maintain authenticity and supreme quality, making each Jam贸n Ib茅rico an edible work of art.

Storage Instructions

Store the product in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. For opened packages, ensure the ham is covered with a clean cloth to maintain its moisture and protect it from impurities. Vacuum-sealed products can be stored as they are. Best if consumed within a reasonable timeframe.

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