Delivery to: Metro Manila
Delivery to: Metro Manila

The Pond

A Club for Very Important Ducks

The Pond is where food lovers and connoisseurs can join to celebrate the human traditions and inventiveness in the culinary arts. Where we can all discover together beautiful ingredients, know-hows and terroirs. We hope to see you soon at one of our tables.

Exclusive Benefits

Yearly Culinary Travel

Discover the terroirs of the world

Once a year, the Pond will travel to meet the world’s best producers, regions and chefs. From oysters to fruits, cheeses to wines, caviar to oils, discover the traditions and innovation that makes the richness of the world of food.

  • Two options: One week and two weeks.
  • Targeted date: Fall 2022
  • Initial Destinations
  • Week 1: Paris - Normandy - Loire Valley - OlĂ©ron - Bordeaux - San Sebastian Week 2 : Cahors - Cantal - Nice - Liguria - Modena - Paris
  • Accommodation : 4 and 5 Stars Hotels
  • Transportation: Luxury Bus
  • 2 Adults per membership. No Children.

Private Chef Service

Your dinner parties will never be the same.

Our French chef will create and execute refined menus for you and your guests, from traditional French classics to mediterranean staples.

Also, we can organize 1-on-1 cooking lessons (you can invite a friend) to teach you techniques, tricks and recipes. In person or via Zoom.

Booking the chef should be done at least a week in advance.

Exclusive Events

Unique Experiences

Take part in exclusive events organized with our producers. Taste rare wines, caviars and other products, and discover the story behind brands and traditions.

  • Themes : Caviar, Cheeses, Natural Wines, Exceptional Meats, and other exciting products.
  • Some events will be in person and others via Zoom, depending on the format.

Member Only Exclusive Pricing

Enjoy 10% Off and No Delivery Fee on all your order on products ( public catalog exclusively ).

Consumable Packages

Founders’ Table

PHP 200,000 Consumable

Yearly Travel

Exclusive Events

Private Chef

Access to Special Products

10% Off Products & Free Delivery

Curators’ Table

PHP 125,000 Consumable

Exclusive Events

Private Chef

Access to Special Products

10% Off Products & Free Delivery

Patron Of Fine Food

PHP 50,000 Consumable

10% Off Products & Free Delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is my membership valid?

It is valid for a year. Prior to expiry of your membership, you’ll be informed and asked to renew.

How long are my consumable credits valid?

They are valid for a year. You can top up any time.

How can I use my credits?

You can use them on the website using the special codes you’ll be given or order via our concierge Charles.

Are the travel fees, events fees and private chef fees included in the membership?Travel, events and private chef services incur additional fees.

How can I pay for my membership?

Bank transfer or Check.

How can I check my available balance?

You can ask us anytime, or you can check the available balance on your latest invoice.