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Frequently Asked Questions

All the answers to your questions

Check out our Fre¬≠quent¬≠ly Asked Ques¬≠tions below. If you can‚Äôt find your answer, feel free to con¬≠tact our team via the Sup¬≠port Chan¬≠nels described or by click¬≠ing on our live chat.

Con¬≠tact Us

How do I con¬≠tact The Bow Tie Duck Support?

You may con¬≠tact The Bow Tie Duck via our avail¬≠able Sup¬≠port Chan¬≠nels so that our Sup¬≠port Ducks, Charles and Alfred can attend to you imme¬≠di¬≠ate¬≠ly dur¬≠ing offi¬≠cial busi¬≠ness hours.

Con­tact us via the following:

What are your offi¬≠cial busi¬≠ness hours?

The Bow Tie Duck office is up from Mon­days to Sat­ur­days 9AM-5PM, GMT +8


Do you have a cut off time for orders?

Our order cut¬≠off is 11 am from Mon¬≠days to Fridays. 

Can I place a bulk/‚Äčcor¬≠po¬≠rate order?

Yes, you may place a bulk/‚Äčcor¬≠po¬≠rate order but these will need to be coursed through hel¬≠lo at bowtieduck‚Äč.com for prop¬≠er man¬≠age¬≠ment and facil¬≠i¬≠ta¬≠tion. Please note that these orders will be accept¬≠ed only on a case to case basis. 

Do you accept pick up of orders?

No, The Bow Tie Duck does not accept order pick¬≠ups due to the fixed sys¬≠tem we have applied in the trans¬≠fer of goods from source to our pack¬≠ag¬≠ing area and then direct¬≠ly to you. We adhere to this sys¬≠tem strict¬≠ly so as to refrain for an item to be stored in one place for too long. This will min¬≠i¬≠mize mis¬≠han¬≠dling of items, espe¬≠cial¬≠ly the high¬≠ly per¬≠ish¬≠able ones. 

Pay­ment Method and Protection

What pay­ment meth­ods are accepted?

The Bow Tie Duck accepts Pay¬≠pal, Cred¬≠it Cards ( Visa, Mas¬≠ter¬≠card, Mae¬≠stro & Amer¬≠i¬≠can Express ), Bank Cash Trans¬≠fer to Secu¬≠ri¬≠ty Bank and Union Bank. 

Why can‚Äôt I pay for my order using Cash-On-Delivery?

Due to the rar¬≠i¬≠ty to source our items, they will always have lim¬≠it¬≠ed stocks there¬≠fore no item or order can be reserved for too long. We adopt a first pay, first served pol¬≠i¬≠cy for all items and they can only be cleared for release and deliv¬≠ery once paid upfront. 

How long will the order be placed on hold when I choose the Bank Cash Trans¬≠fer option?

Once you place your order on our web¬≠site, you will be giv¬≠en until 12nn Wednes¬≠day of the same week to set¬≠tle your Bank Cash Trans¬≠fer pay¬≠ment before we release the item under your account and back to our store. Don‚Äôt for¬≠get to send the proof of pay¬≠ment to our email address at hel¬≠lo at bowtieduck‚Äč.com as soon as you send the payment. 

Do you accept Check deposits to your giv­en bank accounts?

Check deposits are NOT accept¬≠ed by The Bow Tie Duck. Please set¬≠tle your pay¬≠ment in full the cut off.

Do you store my Cred­it Card information?

Your secu¬≠ri¬≠ty espe¬≠cial¬≠ly when doing trans¬≠ac¬≠tions online is impor¬≠tant to us and we take it very seriously. 

All cred¬≠it card trans¬≠ac¬≠tions hap¬≠pen with¬≠in a secure and pro¬≠tect¬≠ed envi¬≠ron¬≠ment. In accor¬≠dance to Repub¬≠lic Act 10173 ‚Äď Data Pri¬≠va¬≠cy Act of 2012 and Repub¬≠lic Act 10870 Cred¬≠it Card Indus¬≠try Law, The Bow Tie Duck duti¬≠ful¬≠ly com¬≠plies and does not retain your cred¬≠it card infor¬≠ma¬≠tion after your order is completed. 

What mea¬≠sures does The Bow Tie Duck take in order to pre¬≠vent Cred¬≠it Card Fraud?

The Bow Tie Duck has added pro¬≠tec¬≠tion and secu¬≠ri¬≠ty mea¬≠sures up on our web¬≠site to pre¬≠vent cas¬≠es of Cred¬≠it Card Fraud. Shall there be any sign of incon¬≠sis¬≠ten¬≠cy or need for trans¬≠ac¬≠tion review, we will imme¬≠di¬≠ate¬≠ly be alert¬≠ed. The Bow Tie Duck will require addi¬≠tion¬≠al ver¬≠i¬≠fi¬≠ca¬≠tion from the Pri¬≠ma¬≠ry card¬≠hold¬≠er on some cases. 

The Bow Tie Duck also adopts 3D Secure pay¬≠er authen¬≠ti¬≠ca¬≠tion as a secu¬≠ri¬≠ty pro¬≠to¬≠col that requires you to input a One-Time Pass¬≠word (OTP) before trans¬≠ac¬≠tion is made. 

The Bow Tie Duck assures that we do the best we can to ensure the safe¬≠ty of your data and account. How¬≠ev¬≠er, it takes two to tan¬≠go on this pro¬≠tec¬≠tion. We also need your help in doing your part to keep¬≠ing your account and your cred¬≠it card safe and secure. Do not share your Bow Tie Duck web¬≠site login details and cred¬≠it card infor¬≠ma¬≠tion to any¬≠one. Remain vig¬≠i¬≠lant, espe¬≠cial¬≠ly when doing online transactions. 

Ship¬≠ping & Delivery

In which areas do you deliver?

The Bow Tie Duck deliv¬≠ers with¬≠in Metro Mani¬≠la as well as select areas out¬≠side Metro Mani¬≠la, namely: 

Rizal‚ÄČ‚ÄĒ‚ÄČAntipo¬≠lo, Cain¬≠ta, Tay¬≠tay Cavite- Bacoor, Imus Bula¬≠can‚ÄČ‚ÄĒ‚ÄČMey¬≠cauayan, Oban¬≠do Lagu¬≠na‚ÄČ‚ÄĒ‚ÄČSan Pedro

How is ship­ping computed?

For Metro Mani¬≠la cus¬≠tomers, a flat rate Php 199 is added to your total order amount that is below Php 3000. For ser¬≠vice¬≠able areas out¬≠side Metro Mani¬≠la, deliv¬≠ery is at Php 450 for orders below Php 6000.

If you hit the Php 3000 min¬≠i¬≠mum for Metro Mani¬≠la and the Php 6000 min¬≠i¬≠mum for out¬≠side Metro Mani¬≠la, deliv¬≠ery is free. 

How often do you deliver?

We deliv¬≠er Tues¬≠day to Sat¬≠ur¬≠days only. 

Returns, Replace­ments and Refunds

What is The Bow Tie Duck’s Pol­i­cy on Replace­ments, Returns or Refunds?

The Bow Tie Duck main¬≠tains that we meet the high qual¬≠i¬≠ty stan¬≠dards expect¬≠ed from a pre¬≠mi¬≠um online store. We assure that items main¬≠tain their qual¬≠i¬≠ty and are han¬≠dled by the best trained peo¬≠ple as they get sent to you. 

On the occa­sion that you receive an item that match any of the fol­low­ing stip­u­la­tions, The Bow Tie Duck can have the item processed for review to return, replace or refund via store cred­its, at our discretion:

Wrong item- The prod¬≠uct received does not match what was ordered on the web¬≠site Tam¬≠pered item‚ÄČ‚ÄĒ‚ÄČThe prod¬≠uct has been tam¬≠pered with, opened, unsealed, uncorked or sim¬≠i¬≠lar upon receiv¬≠ing Item not safe for con¬≠sump¬≠tion‚ÄČ‚ÄĒ‚ÄČThe prod¬≠uct arrived spoiled and there¬≠fore unsafe to consume

In the event that you receive an item match¬≠ing any of the above, kind¬≠ly course your con¬≠cern to any of our Sup¬≠port Chan¬≠nels along with the email address used to order and pho¬≠tos of said item. 

Sup­port Channels:

We will work on these con¬≠cerns only dur¬≠ing office busi¬≠ness hours from Mon¬≠day‚ÄČ‚ÄĒ‚ÄČFri¬≠day begin¬≠ning at 9AM-5PM. Please be patient with us dur¬≠ing this time as both us and our sup¬≠pli¬≠ers adopt a skele¬≠tal workforce. 

Expect that the item in ques¬≠tion may be arranged for pick up in the event that the pro¬≠duc¬≠er or sup¬≠pli¬≠er requires it.