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Joselito Iberico Pancetta

Flavourful Indulgence in Every Slice

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Renowned for its exquisite taste, Joselito Iberico Pancetta is a gourmet's delight. Cured by Spain's experts, this succulent ham amalgamates tradition, savoir-faire, and authentic Iberico pork to create an unparalleled gastronomic masterpiece.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Experience an unrivalled explosion of taste as you savour Joselito Iberico Pancetta. Your palate is greeted with an intense, rich, and multifaceted flavour that is unequivocally Iberico. Balancing the natural zest of Iberico ham, the pancetta encompasses a complex matrix of taste profiles. Every bite brings forth the depth of the pigs’ acorn-rich diet, the delicacy of smoked pork, and a slight touch of salinity, creating an incomparable marbling effect. The succulent, firm texture gently gives way to a mouth-watering, buttery sensation, a testament to the fine quality of meats used. Each slice encapsulates the essence of Spanish gastronomy - an ever-evolving symphony of traditional methods meeting modern tastes.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Pair with Robust Wines: Complement the intensity of Pancetta with full-bodied reds like Rioja or Ribera del Duero. The robust notes of these wines can beautifully stand up to the rich, meaty flavours.
  • Cheese Companion: Create a delightful charcuterie platter by pairing it with cheeses. Its saltiness works well with the creaminess of a Brie or Camembert.
  • Complement with Bread: Slice it thin and serve on warm slices of bread. The buttery texture of pancetta melts on the warm bread creating a delightful appetizer.
  • Add to Recipes: Iberico Pancetta is an undoubtedly good addition to numerous recipes, enhancing their flavours, from pastas and risottos to soups and stews.

    A Conversation Piece: The Legacy of Joselito

Joselito symbolizes over a century-long commitment towards excellence in ham making. Dating back to 1868, Joselito has been a tradition lovingly passed down through six generations. Deeply rooted in Guijuelo, Spain, the brand extends beyond producing ham. For Joselito, it is about honouring tradition, maintaining sustainable methods, and contributing to the Dehesa ecosystem. Their meticulous production process, from raising the Iberian pigs on a diet rich in acorns and fresh grass to the aging process, reflects their unwavering dedication. Joselito’s painstaking attention to detail and the insistence on a natural curing process of a minimum of three years contribute to its unmatched flavour, texture, and quality. This commitment to tradition and quality has placed Joselito in prestigious culinary spots, including royal weddings. Through centuries, Joselito continues to uphold its legacy, crafting a slice of Spanish history with each bit of Iberico Pancetta.

Storage Instructions

To maintain its undeniable flavour and texture, store Joselito Iberico Pancetta in a cool dry place, ideally between 32°F and 50°F. Wrap it tightly in plastic wrap or butcher paper to protect the ham from air, light, and moisture. Importantly, consume within a reasonable timeframe, as per the guidelines provided in the packaging.

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