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Joselito Iberico Abanico Pork

Spain's Connoisseur Delight

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Joselito Iberico Abanico Pork is a cut from the Iberian pig, lauded as the 'Wagyu of Pork'. Raised in Spain on a diet of herbs, grasses, and acorns, its flavor embodies the terroir of the Spanish landscape.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Taking a bite of the Joselito Iberico Abanico, one enters a realm of savory providence. The meat resonates with an intense, rich flavor that paints a canvas olfactory delight. Accents of nutty undertones pervades from its elaborate diet of acorns, herbs, and grasses. The pig’s free-range lifestyle, subtly transferred to the palate, imparts a real sense of its Iberian home. The marbling threads of fat throughout the meat creates a tender, juicy textural hymn that sings in harmony with our gustatory perceptions. It renders an exquisite culinary note, a hum of a gastronomic melody. Far from ordinary, this premium pork selection stands peerless within its category.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Pair it with a robust Rioja or a deep, fruity Tempranillo to elevate the symphony of flavors.
  • On a platter, accompany it by a range of sharp cheeses and olives.
  • Drape it over melon or figs to play an exciting sweet-salty note.
  • For a sublime main course, try grilling or roasting it to a perfect doneness and serving along asparagus, roasted peppers or a Spanish tortilla.

    The Lingering Legacy of Spanish Savory - Joselito

Joselito, the brand behind this Iberian marvel, stems from the fertile narratives of Spanish cultural heritage. The origin story of the Iberico Abanico traces the artistry of Spain’s traditional pig farming practices. Ruthlessly protective about the genetic lineage of their Iberian pigs, Joselito ensures the meat retains an elusive quality that’s hard to replicate. Going beyond the ham, the brand delves into showcasing all parts of the pig, hence the Abanico, a cut as distinctive as it’s flavorful. Sourced from the pig’s rib section, Abanico translates to ‘fan’, a nod to the cut’s unique shape. With each slice of meat, you’re not just tasting pork, you’re nibbling on a chapter out of Spain’s rich culinary anthology.

Storage Instructions

To cherish the quality and prolong its taste, store Joselito Iberico Abanico Pork in the refrigerator below 40°F. Always ensure that the meat is wrapped tightly to minimize air exposure and prevent cross-contamination.

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