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Joselito Iberico Presa

Noble breed, Unparalleled flavor

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Savor the exquisite taste of Joselito Iberico Presa, a sought-after luxury from the heart of Spain. Crafted from acorn-fed Iberian pigs, this unparalleled delicacy boasts the distinctive melt-in-your-mouth tenderness and succulent flavor associated with the Joselito heritage.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Joselito Iberico Presa captivates the senses with a sophisticated taste portrait that embodies the essence of Spanish culinary tradition. The exceptional tenderness of the meat, a trait peculiar to the Iberico breed, creates a heavenly melt-in-your-mouth experience, while the opulent marbling weaves a tapestry of flavors that is both intense and subtlety nuanced. The acorn-rich diet of the Iberian pigs lends a sweet, nutty undertone to the meat, a captivating contrast to its inherent umami complexity. Each bite unravels layers of taste, revealing the careful nurturing of free-range Iberian pigs in the Spanish dehesas. This harmonious blend of flavors marks it as a priceless treasure in the culinary world, touted unanimously as the ‘Wagyu of pork’.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Joselito Iberico Presa pairs beautifully with vegetables or legumes, taking a light complement to its rich, complex taste.
  • To enhance the natural flavors, marinate the meat with herbs, spices and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil before grilling.
  • Serve it thinly sliced on a bed of fresh arugula, or alongside a hearty portion of garlic mashed potatoes for a decadent meal.
  • The meat marries well with a dry, full-bodied wine such as a Spanish Ribera del Duero or a robust Rioja to balance the fatty richness.

    The Spaniard’s Delight: Joselito’s Gastronomic Heritage

Joselito Iberico Presa offers a slice of Spain’s fascinating gastronomic journey, with a rich narrative woven around the revered Iberian pigs. These noble black pigs, revered in the Spanish food lore, enjoy a life of idyllic wandering in the vast oak groves, feasting on a natural diet of acorns (bellota), grass and other wild foods. This free-ranging lifestyle and sustainable diet fortify the meat with a prized flavour profile and luxuriant marbling, producing a cut that stands peerless in the realm of gourmet meats. Raised on family-owned ‘dehesa’ farms and following meticulous curing processes, every Presa steak embodies the passion and tradition that Joselito fosters. Thus, the Joselito Iberico Presa not only brings the famed Spanish black-footed pork to your plate, but also carries an engaging story of gastronomic heritage, a testament to Spain’s rich culinary tapestry.

Storage Instructions

Joselito Iberico Presa should be stored in the refrigerator, wrapped securely to maintain its freshness. Ensure the storage temperature remains below 40°F (4°C). For long-term storage, it can be frozen at 0°F (-18°C); before freezing, wrap the product tightly to prevent freezer burn.

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