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Joselito Iberico Pluma

The Connoisseur's Delight

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Joselito Iberico Pluma is a perfect harmony of tenderness and exquisite flavoring. Born from the free-range Iberian pigs of Spain and reared on a natural diet including an abundance of acorns, this cut presents an unmatchable gastronomic delight.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Upon tasting the Joselito Iberico Pluma, you are first met with a surprising tenderness that promises a flavorful journey. The initial sensation is a delicate nuttiness, a testament to the Iberian pig’s acorn-filled diet, followed by a wave of rich and complex flavors that only intensify with every bite. The integrity of traditional rearing methods is apparent in the taste. The meat is marbled, a characteristic of Iberico Pluma, elevating every mouthful with a melt-in-your-mouth ecstasy. Each bite: a symphony in the palate - an interplay of flavors, culminating in a sensation that is uniquely Joselito. The flavor profile brings a gastronomic delight that sorties from the nuanced to the pronounced, locksmithing a lasting impression and an ongoing craving.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Iberico Pluma pairs beautifully with earthy components, like roasted peppers or mushrooms, adding a depth to its rich, meaty flavors.
  • The meat’s natural sweetness can be enhanced with a fruity glaze such as quince or apple.
  • For wine enthusiasts, an aged red Rioja complements the nutty flavors beautifully.
  • A well-aged cheese, such as Manchego, works well with Iberico Pluma, offering a counter to its richness.

    The Inception of a Delicacy: Joselito and Iberico Pluma

Joselito, the bearing badge of premium Spanish ham, stands at the intersection where tradition meets gastronomic innovation. Originating in the 19th century, the brand’s mainstay is a generations-old method of curing Iberian ham. Throughout the lineage of curators, careful preservation of the method has been practiced. Unaltered, they allowed it, the quintessence of the product to shine, to embody a piece of Spanish heritage. Joselito’s journey to the palate begins in the rustic meadows, the ‘Dehesas’ of Spain, home to the Iberian pig. The Iberian Pluma, a unique cut, lends itself to a particular diet consisting largely of fallen acorns. This diet, rich in oleic acid, results in a marbled finish, a factor that enhances flavors considerably. Whilst indistinguishable in its raw form, the true magic of Iberico Pluma unfurls only upon cooking to a perfect medium-rare. A morsel of trivia to be regaled at your dinners while serving Joselito’s Iberico Pluma.

Storage Instructions

For optimal preservation, store the Iberico Pluma in the fridge at temperatures around 0-4°C. Keep it in its original packaging or wrap it tightly to prevent air exposure. It is advisable to consume it within a few days of purchase. For extended storage, freezing can be an option; ensure it’s wrapped securely to avoid freezer burn.

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