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Versatile and flavorful, jamon bones are definitely not to be discarded. We have three options for you to choose from—Jamon Gran Reserva, Jamon Iberico, and Jamon Bellota.


One of the most valuable pieces of the jamon is the bone. Jamon bones are used as a culinary element in several cuisines, such as Spanish. These jamon bones are used in a variety of dishes, whether as ingredient, or as flavoring.

Because jamon is such an exquisite product, it’s great to use every part of it. The jamon bone will be of higher quality and flavor if the jamon is of higher quality, thus our Gran Reserva, Iberico, and Bellota choices are top.


Making jamon bone soup or broth is the most common way to use your jamon bones. The Jamon bone provides any soup or broth a fantastic rich flavor. The jamon bone adds a particular flavor to soups and stews, making them more flavorful and delectable. Consider components that pair well with ham for the greatest outcomes, like a pea and ham soup, for example.

With your jamon bones, you can also produce a great Jamon stock that can be used in practically anything. Simply fill a big pot halfway with water and drop the bones in (add onion and garlic as you like). Boil until the water has evaporated and the liquid has thickened somewhat. Allow the liquid to cool before transferring it to tiny containers. Refrigerate once it has cooled. You can now use this solidified Jamon Stock in any dish you like.


The Christmas tradition of eating jamon dates back many years, as far back as the Romans, hundreds of years ago. It was not always conceived in the same manner it is now, but the way it is celebrated has stayed relatively unchanged. Christmas celebrations have always included time spent with loved ones, extravagant feasts, abundance, and delicious food.

It is thought that the ritual of eating Jamón at Christmas has pagan or mythological roots, originating in the Germanic tradition of offering a wild pig to the god of fertility every year to request prosperity in the coming year. Similarly, to preserve the wild boar meat for longer, they cured it in salt and used it to make Jamón, which they ate during the holiday season.

Storage Instructions

Place your jamon bones in a resealable or vacuum bag, and make sure to take as much of the air out to preserve freshness. They can be frozen or refrigerated. Consume within 5 days.

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