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Dubernet Venison Pate with Walnuts

Elegant French Gastronomy

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Maison Dubernet crafts a venison pate of unparalleled finesse: the Dubernet Venison Pat, imbued with the earthiness of walnuts and the spirit of French gastronomy. A delicacy for the discerning palate.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

The Dubernet Venison Pate is an intricate mosaic of gamey venison and rustic walnuts, harmonized with the creamy backdrop of dairy and the depth of seasoning herbs. Its pork component, a rich and savory 45%, melds with the lean intensity of venison, comprising 32% of the product, to create a pate that is robust and delicate all at once. The velvety touch of cream offers a counterpoint to this intensity, while the walnuts give it a unique crunchiness. The interplay of which results in a sensory dance distinguished by its spreadable smoothness and surprising meaty coarseness. The seasoning asserts its own presence too, as the noble Salies de Bearn IGP salt crystallizes the flavors, and a selection of spices and herbs including thyme, rosemary, and juniper, create an aromatic narrative that is as inviting as it is storied. This gastronomic work, emblematic of the meticulous art of French charcuterie, stands as a testimony to the exalted lineage of the Maison Dubernet.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Charcuterie Platters: Adorn with pickles, crusty bread, and sharp cheeses.
  • Wholesome Sandwiches: Elevate with fresh greens and artisanal mustards.
  • Wine Companions: Partner with robust reds or a chilled Chardonnay.
  • Elegant Entres: A luxurious topping for steaks or a filling for vol-au-vents.

    A Taste of Lyon’s Legacy

Steeped in tradition, Maison Dubernet’s venison pate draws from the rich culinary heritage of Lyon, France’s gastronomic capital. Each bite weaves a tapestry of regional tastes and artisanal craftsmanship, showcasing the historical depth of French charcuterie. The inclusion of IGP-certified ingredients like Salies de Bearn salt articulates a narrative of authenticity and terroir, narrating the silent yet flavorful story of South-West France on the world’s gastronomic stage.

Storage Instructions

Refrigerate upon purchase, consume within 3 days of opening, and savor the delectable flavors of Maison Dubernet.

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