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Maison Dubernet Gourmet Duck Paté

French Gastronomic Elegance


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The Maison Dubernet Gourmet Duck Paté is a symphony of flavors, textures, and tradition, encapsulating the essence of French culinary heritage with every rich and savory bite.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Maison Dubernet’s Gourmet Duck Paté is a testament to the artful convergence of regional ingredients and time-tested culinary techniques. The palate is first greeted with the robust essences of confit duck, an aroma that transports one to the pastoral grandeur of South-Western France. Pork throat and liver introduce a depth characteristic of the region’s charcuterie, followed by a sumptuous layer of creamy fattiness courtesy of delicately incorporated cream. Seasoning is more than mere enhancement but a maestro conducting a harmonious symphony of salt, pepper, and a gentle caress of sugar. Culminating in the artful fusion of garlic, parsley, Espelette pepper, and hints of rosemary, each bite offers an intricate tapestry of flavors speaking to the Gourmet Duck Paté’s uniqueness within the echelons of fine foods. On the tongue, it is luxury redefined - smooth, spreadable, a joyous celebration of density without losing its sophisticated silkiness. This pat is a culinary artifact, unearthing the treasures of France’s gastronomic history with every sampling.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • To truly savor the Maison Dubernet Gourmet Duck Paté, consider spreading it thinly over a toasted baguette or artisanal crackers for a delightful crunch.
  • Complement the pat with a tart cornichon or a dab of stone-ground mustard to enhance its complex flavor profile.
  • For a sophisticated charcuterie board, pair with a selection of fine cheeses, cured meats, and a glass of aged Bordeaux to elevate the tasting experience.

    A Legacy Preserved in Pat

Founded in 1864, Maison Dubernet stands among the venerated custodians of French charcuterie. Crafting the Gourmet Duck Paté is an exercise in patience, skill, and respect for time-honored gastronomic traditions. Through its products, Maison Dubernet not only delivers a taste but narrates the story of a region renowned for its rich culinary legacy.

Storage Instructions

To preserve the Maison Dubernet Gourmet Duck Paté’s integrity, store refrigerated and use within 3-5 days of opening. Ensure a consistent temperature and airtight storage to maintain its luxurious quality.

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