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Alejandro Chorizo Magno

Mild Spice

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A good cured chorizo is an integral part of any Charcuterie selection. From Rioja, this is a great example of what its all about - a balance of paprika and meat without an additive or preservative in sight.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Alejandro chorizo Magno is a stand-out addition to Spanish charcuterie boards. This artisan chorizo has the perfect balance of fat and meat for melt-in-the-mouth texture.

The Alejandro chorizo Magno is a dulce chorizo, meaning it’s mildly spicy but bursting with sweet paprika flavor. It is aged for at least 60 days to develop the flavors of pork and paprika.


The chorizo is best enjoyed thinly sliced with some fresh bread and Spanish olives. A small plate of chorizo Magno slices also makes an easy tapas dish.


Embutidos Alejandro is a small, family-owned Spanish company founded in 1987, although the family has been making chorizo since the 1960s. It’s located in the La Rioja region, where you will find the best Spanish wines and chorizo. Their pigs are raised free range and fed an all-natural diet, and they adhere to strict processes in selection of breeds. They’ve been producing artisan chorizos, a traditional and iconic Spanish sausage, with traditional recipes and methods passed down through generations.

Embutidos Alejandro prides itself in not only their quality chorizos, but in the wide variety they offer, from Magno and Troncal, which are great for tapas, to Barbacoa, which is ideal for cooking, and many more. They also pride themselves in keeping their chorizos 100% natural, gluten-free, and lactose-free.

Storage Instructions

This type of sausage may be stored for up to 6 weeks (if whole) in your pantry and indefinitely in the refrigerator (whole or in vacuum-packed slices). After opening, they should be used within 3 weeks.

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