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Clai Guanciale Stagionata Slab

Beautifully Aged


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Full slabs of Guanciale from the leading cured pork producer in Italy, Clai.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

This delectable, robustly flavored meat is seasoned on the surface with salt, pepper, sage, rosemary and garlic. It is then dried and aged for at least 3 months, a fundamental process which concentrates the flavors. Guanciale has a flavor that is less salty but stronger and fattier than its cousin pancetta—Italian salt-cured pork belly—and a texture that’s somewhat softer and more delicate, which works great when adding to pastas. It is traditionally unsmoked.


Guanciale, an Italian cured pork jowl, is an essential ingredient in cooking many Roman pasta dishes, most especially authentic Spaghetti alla carbonara and Bucatini all’amatriciana. It can also be rendered and sauteed with vegetables or cooked with fish or other meat where the fragrant fat of guanciale can infuse perfectly with the dish. It can also be eaten directly in small portions.

Specialty of Italy

Guanciale, for the most part of Italy, is usually homemade with seasonings changing based on an Italian region’s tradition or curing habits. This particular guanciale is specifically made with expertise by Clai. They have held the passion for producing and curing quality meat for many years and has been widely respected in the industry up to this day.

Disclaimer on Varied Weights

Each Guanciale slab is unique and may not be of the same weight as others therefore the final pricing could change depending on actual weight of Guanciale to be delivered to you. There is a chance that the slab you get is lesser or greater than the range provided. Shall there be any pricing adjustments based on our weight allowance, you will be contacted by our Support right away.

Storage Instructions

Store in the fridge once opened. Rewrap in plastic wrap and store in a ziploc bag for better results. Cured guanciale lasts indefinitely in the fridge but for maximum freshness, consume within 2 months.

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