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Poitrine séchée (Bacon) Maison Duculty

Crispy, deep-flavored Duculty bacon


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Indulge in the deep flavors of Poitrine séchée, a delectable bacon creation by Maison Duculty. Thinly sliced for crispy perfection, this exceptional bacon is a testament to traditions passed down through five generations.

Tasting notes of the Curator

Made by charcutiers and salaisonniers since 1816, the Poitrine séchée (Bacon) by Maison Duculty is an exquisite feast for the senses. The unique, authentic flavors stem from not only the quality of the pork used, but also a timeless recipe and exceptional aging capabilities. The pure air of the Pilat Regional Park contributes to the unparalleled quality in the product’s flavor profile. Carefully cured and thinly sliced, the result is perfectly crispy bacon that boasts deep, satisfying flavors sure to make an impact on any palette.

Pairings and Suggestions

To make the most out of Poitrine séchée’s unique taste, consider the following pairings and ways to enjoy this Duculty treasure:

  • Breakfast: Enhance your morning eggs with a side of crispy bacon
  • Sandwiches: Top off your favorite sandwich or burger with a few slices for an unforgettable flavor explosion
  • Salads: Add a crunchy, flavorful twist to your salads
  • Hors d’oeuvres: Serve on a charcuterie board or wrapped around dates or figs for an elegant appetizer
  • Quiches or Tarts: Incorporate the bacon into quiches or savory tarts for added depth and complexity

A Legacy Steeped in Tradition

At the heart of Maison Duculty lies a rich familial heritage rooted in five generations of expertise. Gaëtan Duculty, the company’s modern-day guardian, embraces the values instilled in him by his grandfather, Louis Duculty: work, rigor, respect, and conviviality. Today, the team works diligently to preserve tradition while constantly striving for improvement. They’ve been recognized for their hard work with awards such as the bronze medal for their saucisson sec pur porc and jambon sec.

Storage Instructions

To preserve the quality and flavors of your Maison Duculty Poitrine séchée, store it in you refrigerator.