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Maison Dubernet's Partrige & Hazelnuts Pate

French Artisanal Gourmet Delight

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Indulge in the epitome of French charcuterie with Maison Dubernet's Partridge & Hazelnuts Pate, a harmonious blend of rustic game and delicate nuttiness.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Maison Dubernet’s Pate de Perdreau aux Noisettes is as intricate and layered as any symphony by Berlioz, each note playing its part in a gratifying crescendo. It starts quiet, with the understated but distinctive gaminess of the partridge, before the earthiness of liver adds depth to the melody. Then, like a sudden pizzicato from the strings, the hazelnuts chime in with a mellow sweetness and textural counterpoint that is truly unique in pate compositions. This masterful blend is elevated further by a hint of Armagnac - much like an exceptional brandy warming your senses on a chilly evening in Gascony. It whispers, rather than shouts, high notes of vanilla and aged wood, teasing the palate and enhancing the sumptuous amalgamation of savory and sweet. Maison Dubernet’s understanding of spice usage, careful not to overpower, allows the subtlety of garlic, onion, and an ensemble of herbs to enhance, never detract. The texture, the rich tapestry that brings the piece together, is simultaneously creamy yet resilient, spreadable yet possessing the satisfying touch of the nut’s crunch. History, heritage, and flavor coalesce in this pate, a reflection of both art and science on the charcuterie board.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • En Baguette: Generously spread on a crusty baguette for an appetizing contrast.
  • On Toast Points: Delectable atop toasted artisanal bread, a canvas for savory pleasures.
  • With Fruits: Complemented by figs or a spoonful of tart cherry preserve alongside.
  • Cornichons et Mustard: Paired with tart cornichons and a dab of country-style mustard.
  • Wine Companion: A glass of robust, earthy red like Saint-Émilion to echo the pate’s complexities.
  • Cheese Accompaniment: A rich, slightly aged cheese balances the pate’s opulent character.

    A Melody of Tradition and Terroir

Maison Dubernet’s connection with the culinary arts is as storied as the rural landscapes of South West of France. A name synonymous with tradition and exceptional quality; it speaks of a time when the terroir ruled supreme and the skill of the charcutier was revered. Crafting this Pate de Perdreau aux Noisettes is an homage to past culinary greats. It’s the conversation at the table; the whisper of the hunter returning with the day’s catch in the autumn, the rustle of the hazelnut tree’s bounty being gathered, and the centuries-old ritual of crafting spirits that soothe the soul. To dine on Maison Dubernet’s pate is not merely to eat, but to participate in a history as lush and vibrant as the Landes forests themselves.

Storage Instructions

Refrigerate immediately upon acquisition. Maintain a precise chilling point at a temperature between 0°C and 4°C. Always seek the seal’s integrity to protect the pate’s subtleties.

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