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Dubernet Duck Foie Gras Mi-Cuit Duo with Truffles

Artisanal Elegance, Gourmet Indulgence


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Savor the epitome of culinary opulence with the exquisite Dubernet Duck Foie Gras Mi-Cuit Duo with Truffles. A product of meticulous craftsmanship and culinary artistry, this delicacy is a testament to the rich and lavish traditions of French gastronomic excellence.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Embark upon a sensory journey through the essence of Maison Dubernet’s Duck Foie Gras Mi-Cuit Duo with Truffles. The rich, buttery essence of the foie gras lays the foundation of this gourmet masterpiece. It carries a symphony of sweet undertones, derived from the natural sugars present in the duck liver. As the journey unfolds, the truffles enter – a treasure of the land, the black diamonds named Tuber Melanosporum introduce an intricate layer of earthy, nutty allure, raising the complexity of the flavor profile. Seasoned with a judicious whisper of salt and pepper, the seasoning amplifies the natural flavors before retreating gently into the backdrop. On the palette, the texture announces itself with a bold stroke of creaminess, the product of the mi-cuit method - a gentle cooking process that preserves the high-fat content and ensures a sublime, velvety mouthfeel. The consistency is flawless; the inclusion of truffle slices creates a sensory contrast, lending depth and intrigue with each bite. The initial taste is an immersion into creamy opulence that unfolds into a harmonious blend of the savory liver and the truffles’ nuanced complexity. And then it lingers, a satisfying savoriness entwined with the unmistakable earthiness of truffles that very gently diminishes, yet never quite leaves you.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Crusty Baguette or Brioche: Enhance the foie gras with the contrast of a toasted, crunchy vessel.
  • Sweet Fruit Spreads: Complement the rich savoriness with fig jam, apple compote, or a dollop of honey.
  • Luxurious Wines: A glass of lush Sauternes, a velvety Jurancon, or a refined Pouilly Fuissé serves as a decadent companion.
  • Adventurous Culinary Uses: Incorporate into elegant canapés, nestle atop seared steaks, or simply grace an elevated charcuterie board.

    A Tale of Taste and Tradition

Maison Dubernet stands as a paragon of excellence, with roots deeply entrenched in the heart of South-West France, where the art of foie gras is not simply a craft, but a cultural legacy. Each serving of their Duck Foie Gras Mi-Cuit Duo with Truffles tells a story of tradition, innovation, and an uncompromising pursuit of culinary perfection.

Storage Instructions

Maintain Dubernet Duck Foie Gras Mi-Cuit Duo with Truffles in a cool environment at 1°C to 3°C (34°F-37°F). After serving, swiftly refrigerate any unconsumed portions to preserve its pristine condition.

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