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Mas Parés Pre-Sliced Foie Gras Escalopes

Ready-to-serve delicacy


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The Mas Parés Pre-Sliced Foie Gras Escalopes makes serving and enjoying quality foie gras so easy. It’s smooth, with a wonderfully rich flavor.
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Escalopes are traditionally pieces of boneless meat that had been thinned out using a mallet or a rolling pin. These come in many forms, and Mas Parés makes eating foie gras so much easier with theirs.

The Mas Parés Pre-Sliced Foie Gras Escalopes are slices of incredible foie gras, ready to thaw, serve, and enjoy. This is perfect for those who love this French delicacy, and eat it often, as you don’t have to spend time cutting up a whole block. Just take the number of slices you want, pansear them, and serve. These escalopes are made with carefully selected fatty duck liver. It has a smooth and dense texture, and a rich, umami flavor.


Easy to serve and eat, simply take a number of slices and prepare them on a pan. It’s best to pansear them, and serve with some caramelized figs or even balsamic sauce. Warm it up until it’s a little soft, and simply place a bit on some fresh bread. Top with some pepper or fruit preserve. The Mas Parés Pre-Sliced Escalopes is great to pair with a Pinot Grigio or a Pinot Gris.


Mas Parés, a 14th-century manor house, is the first workshop in Spain to be certified by the European Union for the manufacturing of duck and goose products. It’s found in an advantageous environment surrounded by oaks, hazelnuts, and chestnut trees in the Girona region of La Selva.

Their products’ excellence is the result of a careful selection of raw materials employed in our manufacturing process. Their ducks are grown in a favorable environment and fed excellent corn.

The stringent quality controls carried out in each of the production processes, which are constantly monitored and controlled by Mas Parés’ quality department staff, ensure complete traceability and optimal food safety in all aspects, from the source of their raw materials to the finished product, to logistics, and to the customers.

Storage Instructions

Keep frozen until ready to prepare and serve.

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