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Maison Dubernet Wild Boar Paté

Artisanal French Elegance

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Maison Dubernet Paté de Sanglier is an exquisite artisanal delight, handcrafted using traditional methods and regionally sourced ingredients, epitomizing the art of French charcuterie.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Maison Dubernet Paté de Sanglier is a masterstroke of culinary craft, meticulously assembled with a balance of 42% wild boar meat that imparts a gamey and earthy nuance, contrasting the milder, meatier notes of pork belly and liver. It is seasoned with a mélange of traditional herbs - rosemary that brings its piney, peppery whispers, green pepper coursing with fresh piquancy, and a bouquet of spices that dance on the palate; cloves punching with their pungency, nutmeg wafting with warm subtleties, ginger’s zesty embrace, coriander’s lemony-sage brush, cinnamon’s sweet, woody promise, and white pepper’s gentle heat. The paté’s symphony of flavors is heightened by the inclusion of Armagnac, a storied brandy known for its rich, dried fruit overtures, hinting at vanilla and discreet wood - an ode to the Gascony region. This culinary creation culminates in an aromatic landscape as complex as the region it originates from and as elegant as its artisanal lineage promises. The texture pays homage to traditional techniques, yielding a smooth and creamy consistency that holds its shape while possessing an effortless spreadability on bread or crackers. The mouthfeel is unabashedly rich, cloaking the palate in a velvety embrace that lingers, urging one to pause and savor the depths of its complex character.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Enjoy this luxurious paté as part of a refined charcuterie board, complementing it with aged cheeses, rustic breads, and a selection of cornichons or fruit preserves.
  • Perfectly pairs with full-bodied red wines such as a robust Bordeaux, enhancing the rich flavors of the wild boar.
  • For an elevated appetizer, serve atop freshly toasted crostinis with a dollop of fig jam or alongside stuffed mushrooms with a garlic and herb filling.
  • Incorporate into gourmet dishes such as a center for beef Wellington or within a terrines, combined with pistachios for a delightful contrast in textures.

    Whispers of Landes Forests in Every Bite

Maison Dubernet, nestled in the heart of Landes in Southwest France, is recognized for its devotion to time-honored culinary traditions and meticulously handcrafted products. A conversation about this paté invites tales of the Landes region’s lush pine forests, its significant contribution to the French charcuterie legacy and Maison Dubernet’s dedication to the artisanship and gastronomy of Nouvelle-Aquitaine since 1864.

Storage Instructions

To maintain the paté’s exceptional quality, refrigerate upon purchase and keep at a consistent temperature between 0-4°C (32-39.2°F). Store in the original sealed packaging or an airtight container if opened.

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