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Lafitte Pate of Smoked Duck Magret - Terrine

Smooth, smokey, silky


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This pork and duck pâté is delicate and smooth, and completely delicious on freshly toasted bread.


From Landes, France, the Lafitte Pâté of Smoked Duck Magret is made of pork and duck pâté with smoked duck magret added in. Duck magret is the breast of the Moulard duck, which has been tended for foie gras specifically. This smoked duck gives the pâté a beautifully delicate, subtly spicy, smokey taste.


The Lafitte Pâté of Smoked Duck Magret comes in a terrine, making it easy to slice and serve. It’s perfect on toasted bread, served as appetizer or a snack. It’s also great in salads, perhaps with smoked duck meat and pine nuts, or with some figs and mixed greens. Spread as a base for a sandwich is also a good way to enjoy this—try it in a steak sandwich with some arugula!


Pierre Lafitte founded his eponymous company in 1920, in the picturesque village of Montaut Ă  Chalosse in Landes, in the south west region of France. It originally sold game, specializing in hares, partridges, ortolans, etc., as well as selling foie gras to traditional restaurants in the area. When he passed, his son Leon took over with his wife, Solange, and developed the business to new heights. In 1970, Lafitte found growth not only in France, but internationally, as well.

Lafitte has been a family business for four generations now, and has found a following amongst prestigious clientele—from restauranteurs, delicatessens, and retailers, and having their own stores across France. Their name is tantamount with excellence, quality, and authenticity, and is known to offer the best duck foie gras in the region.

Storage Instructions

Store unopened containers of pâté in a cool, dry pantry for up to 4 years. Once opened, pâté will keep three to four days in the refrigerator. It can also be frozen for up to two months, though we recommend you consume it as soon as possible!

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