Delivery to: Metro Manila
Delivery to: Metro Manila
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Rangers Valley Black Market Angus Steak Collection (Australia)

A Marbled Beauty


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"Good things come in small packages”. Coming from a genetically privileged animal, its presence is seasonal; it can easily be compared with wagyu Beef, where Kobe Beef comes from and considered the best beef in the world.
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Tasting Notes from the Curator

With an absolutely unique flavour, Black Market Steaks by Rangers Valley can impress even the harshest of judges, due to its tenderness and versatility to prepare. This explains why hotspots in the most Cosmopolitan cities in the world wait patiently for it to come from Australia.

It doesn’t matter how long Black Market Beef takes, the 5+ marbling points justify it and support the position it shares next to the cuts most coveted by chefs all over the world.

Choose from 2 cuts being offered here at The Bow Tie Duck:

  • Angus Ribeye is cut from the rib and is considered one of the most succulent cuts due to the high level of intramuscular fat (marbling)! ⁠ With such an appetizing flavor, who needs sauce? Should we mention this cut also bagged the 2019 Darling Down Beef Battle? A winner!
  • Angus Striploin Steak is cut from the middle thus we get more prime meat. It has a distinctive fat coverage running along the outside allowing the steak to remain juicy during cooking. This cut is a part of the lineup’s Limited Edition. Rare to have in stock all the time so carpe diem!


Pan-sear or grill your Black Market Steaks by Rangers Valley and indulge by having Chef Aaron Isip’s indulgent Gastronômade Sauce Entrecôte. Wonderful pairing you will surely enjoy.

Have alongside a nice cold Mitchell’s Beer or a Two Hands Tenacity Old Vine Shiraz from South Australia.

An Exclusive Supply of an Rare Gem

Some years ago, chefs from around the world began to ask for an elusive, highly marbled product – a pure Black Angus beef that would offer the kind of qualities demanded by those who reject mediocrity. Whispers began, questions were asked, and a groundswell of very rare, highly marbled beef began to make its way from Rangers Valley to commercial kitchens around the globe. In the hands of greats, this 5+ marble score beef belies the humble beast from which it comes and submits to creations that many outside the industry just wouldn’t understand.

Supply of Black Market beef by Rangers Valley is exclusive and sporadic. It’s only available when it’s available. When we are out of stock, even we don’t know when product will replenish, all we know is that when it does, angels weep. So have faith, there will be more.

Storage Instructions

Keep in your freezer once delivered. All our Black Market steaks are blast frozen to ensure exceptional quality.

To thaw your steaks, you can either:

  • Thaw them in the refrigerator for around 12 to 18 hours

  • Thaw them in Cold water ( quick thaw method ), in their vacuum pack, for 20 to 40 mins in a large bowl of cold water.

Never thaw at room temperature.

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