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Levoni Smoked Guanciale

A Timeless classic from Italy's Best


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Respected brand, Levoni, introduces their take on smoked guanciale, an Italian bacon made from pork cheeks or jowls. A wonderful blend of smoky and spicy.


Guanciale Al Pepe Block

Guanciale Al Pepe Block

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Lombardy Northern Italy

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Comparing the Levoni guanciale to the other brands we’ve introduced here in The Bow Tie Duck, this cured meat is wonderfully cured, so much so that it envelopes a smokiness and mix of spices that make it irresistible. This guanciale must not be mistaken for a guanciale al pepe that presents brown almost peppery black skin. Levoni’s Smoke Guanciale lies on the lighter side/ almost pale amber but its taste is ever so beautiful, it makes a wonderful addition to pasta dishes without doing too much.

It is presented as a half moon of pearly white cheek, streaked by a thin pink-red small muscle. It has a delicate aroma of sweet, slightly oily and smoky flavors. It melts in your mouth, giving a delectable pleasantness.


It is recommended to be cut by hand or using a slicer to the desired size according to the intended use: thin slices, thicker slices, in strips or cubes. It can also be ground to be spread or to be used for other preparations.

Guanciale is often used for the classic amatriciana pasta or if you prefer, for authentic carbonara.

100% Superior Italian Cured Meat

The Smoked guanciale is just one of the 300 Levoni branded cured meats. 100% Italian certified and comes from first choice meats of pigs born, raised and processed in Italy.

Their recipes utilize the best mix of spices, aromatic herbs and natural flavors from all over the world that are ground and processed at the moment of preparing them, so as not to lose any perfume, no taste properties.

The smoking takes place with exclusive blends of precious woods that give a taste with an unmistakable character. All Levoni meats are gluten and lactose free.

Storage Instructions

Store in the fridge once opened. Rewrap in plastic wrap and store in a ziploc bag for better results. Cured guanciale lasts indefinitely in the fridge but for maximum freshness, consume within 2 months.

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