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Salami Picante

Meat with a bit of heat

This Ital¬≠ian cured meat from Cal¬≠abria is spiced just right, with salty nuances and a bit of heat.


A log of deep, bright red with notable mar¬≠bles of white, the sala¬≠mi picante is dry-cured and made with her¬≠itage breed pork. It gives off a slight¬≠ly strong, spicy, acidic aro¬≠ma. On the tongue, this cured meat is salty and meaty, with a par¬≠tic¬≠u¬≠lar heat that only adds to its taste. The spici¬≠ness is bal¬≠anced just right, nev¬≠er over¬≠whelm¬≠ing or dis¬≠tract¬≠ing, just per¬≠fect¬≠ly har¬≠mo¬≠niz¬≠ing with the rest of its flavor.


With its strong fla¬≠vor, the sala¬≠mi picante is already excel¬≠lent on its own. Serve it on a char¬≠cu¬≠terie board, along¬≠side dif¬≠fer¬≠ent cheeses and oth¬≠er cured meats.

Or, if you pre¬≠fer to real¬≠ly up its spicy, savory prop¬≠er¬≠ties, have it with some black olives and a sprin¬≠kle of chili oil.

Anoth¬≠er incred¬≠i¬≠ble way to enjoy this cured meat is on a piz¬≠za. And who doesn‚Äôt love piz¬≠za? Make an easy piz¬≠za dough, spread some toma¬≠to sauce, lay some slices of sala¬≠mi picante, show¬≠er with moz¬≠zarel¬≠la, and top with basil leaves, or rock¬≠et arugu¬≠la. Driz¬≠zle with olive oil, or hon¬≠ey, and you‚Äôll want to eat the whole thing yourself.

To match the spici¬≠ness, pair with a fresh, light, medi¬≠um-bod¬≠ied ros√© wine such as Ram√≥n Bil¬≠bao Rosa¬≠do that come in a pale salmon col¬≠or and wafts beau¬≠ti¬≠ful cit¬≠rus scents as you pour it. Enjoy under¬≠cur¬≠rents of orange, red¬≠cur¬≠rant and apri¬≠cot‚ÄČ‚ÄĒ‚ÄČ- fruity fla¬≠vors enough to bal¬≠ance the heat!


Amer¬≠i¬≠cans would often call the sala¬≠mi picante, pep¬≠per¬≠oni. When in fact, the pep¬≠per¬≠oni or peper¬≠one, in Ital¬≠ian, is actu¬≠al¬≠ly a sweet bell pep¬≠per. But this cured meat from Cal¬≠abria is more often made and spiced with hot chili pep¬≠pers, or in gener¬≠ic Ital¬≠ian terms, peperoncino.

It‚Äôs a pret¬≠ty under¬≠stand¬≠able mix-up. Although, you‚Äôd be smart to be care¬≠ful about what you order on your piz¬≠za when you go to Italy!

Storage Instructions

This type of sausage may be stored for up to 6 weeks (if whole) in your pantry and indef¬≠i¬≠nite¬≠ly in the refrig¬≠er¬≠a¬≠tor (whole or in vac¬≠u¬≠um-packed slices). After open¬≠ing, they should be used with¬≠in 3 weeks.

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