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French Butter Set

A butter celebration


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An excellent butter set for the lovers for the finest French Butter

Notes from the Curator

Échiré Butter AOP - Échiré butter’s appeal lies in its delicate, creamy and distinct flavor – a recipe that has stayed true to its roots since 1894, made at the same independent dairy near the cities of Poitiers and La Rochelle in Western France. It contains more butterfat (82%) than normal butters and has a higher melting point. This trait makes it especially good for delicacies such as croissants or puff pastry, which need rolling out several times.

This butter presents itself pale in colour: the very light yellow of primrose petals. Its texture is also firmer than normal butter, but suppler and not as greasy.

Beillevaire Barrate Butter Salt Crystals - Beillevaire’s raw milk butters come from the cream of their local partner farms. The milk is allowed to mature for up to 48 hours before an hour of wooden churning. From there, the butter is hand-shaped into their signature ovals. The salt crystals variant is a variation of Demi-Sel butter with addition of large salt crystals from the Island of Noirmoutier.

Storage Instructions

Refrigerate your butter immediately after it arrives, leaving it in its original wrapper. The foil/paper helps prevent spoilage that may result from exposure to light and air, as well as offering protection from the aromas and flavors of other foods in the refrigerator. Once opened, it has a 1-2 week shelf life in the refrigerator given its Barrate nature. This period can be prolonged past due date by freezing.

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