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The Gigantic 1.2kg French Oyster


Rare Marine Marvel

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Discover the apex of maritime indulgence with The Gigantic French Oyster, a rare gem from the depths of Brittany. A testament to time and tide, this extraordinary oyster is a shared luxury, unrivaled in size and flavor.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

The sensory analysis of this oyster is akin to a gustatory journey through the Brittany coast itself. Its brine whispers of the Celtic and Iroise Seas’ purity, while entwined in its flesh is the story of nutrients swept in by the English Channel. The salinity is robust but balanced with a subtle sweetness, a hallmark of its maturity and size. The savory undertones of umami are bolstered by a nuttiness that reaches its zenith within this variety. Its texture showcases a battle between resilience and creaminess, each chew unveiling layers of complexity. And all these attributes are punctuated with a crunch, a fleeting reminder of the mineral-rich waters shaping its being. Remarkably juiced, it exudes the very essence of Brittany’s marine life.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Raw Delicacy: Indulge the oyster raw to truly savor its marine terroir.
  • Gourmet Touch: Transform dishes with a baked or grilled oyster accent for a luxurious upgrade.
  • Perfect Pairing: Complement with a crisp, minerally white wine or a bright champagne for a taste of grandeur.
  • Connoisseur’s Choice: Enhance your finest seafood platters with this magnificent addition.

    A Chronicle of the Deep

Enthrall your guests with tales of the Huitre de Bretagne Spéciale Géante, an oyster that lives for nearly two decades. Each one is a living historical record, witnessing years of the ocean’s rhythm before gracing your plate.

Storage Instructions

Prioritize a cool, humid environment away from direct sunlight. Shucked oysters should be savored promptly, while unshucked ones maintain freshness for up to a week when properly stored.

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