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Mariage Frères Pleine Lune Tea

Parisian Night in a Cup


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Marrying velvety textures with a symphony of sweet nuttiness, Mariage Frères Pleine Lune Tea astonishes with its poetic evocation of a Parisian night under a full moon.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

The debutant at the ball is the almond, presenting a sweeping marzipan aroma that waltzes seamlessly with the understated opulence of floral notes—aptly contributed by the delicate kiss of blue cornflower petals. This tea’s fruit profiles then flirt demurely, revealing a tart cherry which courts the rich, sugary allure of honeycomb, whilst the whole ensemble plays out on the velvety stage of a full-bodied black tea, punctuated with a touch of astringency to clean the palate. A well-composed rhapsody of tastes, it enraptures and leads one through mysteries and tales of Paris as the hour turns full. The Pleine Lune Tea, steeped not just in hot water, but centuries of narrative and savoir-faire, embodies the exceptional marriage of almond’s sweet reminiscence with fruit’s playful tones, all layered meticulously upon the strong foundation of a robust tea base.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Pastries: Almond biscotti or cherry tarts amplify the tea’s almond and cherry tones.
  • Desserts: Accompany with a crème brĂ»lĂ©e or panna cotta to complement the tea’s honeyed sweetness.
  • Savory Dishes: Try tea-infused meat rubs or accompany with a select cheese board.
  • Beverages: Craft tea-based cocktails or create a comforting tea latte.

    Historic Nightfall Elixir

Tracing its proud heritage back to the 17th century, Mariage Frères isn’t merely a purveyor of fine teas—it’s a chronicler of romantic Parisian history and a custodian of the art de vivre. Each cup of Pleine Lune Tea carries whispers of royal courts, stylish salons, and a Paris that dreams beneath the twinkling stars.

Storage Instructions

Keep the Pleine Lune Tea in an airtight container, shielded from light, moisture, and conflicting scents to preserve its enchanting qualities.