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Rödel White Tuna in Olive Oil


Savor the Taste of the Sea

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Rödel White Tuna in Olive Oil is a delicacy made from hand-selected, tender tuna steeped in high-quality extra virgin olive oil. As part of Rödel & Fils Frères's impressive selection of canned seafood, this product showcases the brand's 150-year commitment to culinary excellence.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Impeccably sourced from the rich waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the white tuna in Rödel’s Thon Blanc Germon à l’huile d’olive presents an exquisite ‘sea-to-table’ dining experience. The star ingredient, white tuna, also known as Germon, is a rarity valued for its delicate and refined flavor. The subtle yet encompassing tune of the sea in each bite is set against the distinctive backdrop of extra virgin olive oil, creating a harmonious symphony of flavors. The olive oil, cold-pressed, is worth noting due to its expertly curated profile which seamlessly amplifies the tuna, without overpowering it. Together, they present a sensory encounter that is texturally tender and smoothly resonates with subtle culinary elegance.

Pairings & Suggestions

This premium white tuna is versatile in its use. Enjoy it directly from the can with a touch of lemon juice and black pepper for a simple, yet sophisticated snack. It serves as a protein-rich addition to salads, providing a unique depth of flavor to a Nicoise salad. Its delicate flavor also pairs beautifully with chilled dry rosé or a light white wine such as Sauvignon Blanc.

A Tale of Two Oceans

Rödel & Fils Frères, the creators of this exquisite white tuna offering, are no strangers to the allure of the sea. With their roots firmly anchored in the coastal region of Brittany, France, they seamlessly blend the gifts of the Atlantic with culinary tradition. Hand-selected Germon, a rare variety of white tuna, is thoughtfully paired with rich, cold-pressed olive oil, encapsulating the romance between the ocean and olives. This marriage of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic is as elegant as it is delicious, providing a delightful point of conversation for your next dinner party.

Storage Instructions

Store Rödel Thon Blanc Germon à l’huile d’olive in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Once opened, it’s best to refrigerate and consume within a few days. Please note that the olive oil may solidify under refrigeration, but will regain its liquid consistency at room temperature without affecting its quality.

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