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Rödel Boneless Vintage Sardines in Olive Oil (Millesimé)


Exquisite Aged Sardines, Exclusively Refined

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Exemplifying artisanal mastery, Rödel & Fils Frères presents their finest – boneless vintage sardines (Millesimé) delicately drenched in olive oil. These sardines, matured to perfection, promise an unmatched gastronomic experience.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Drawn from the cold depths of 2013, each sardine is laboriously hand-cleaned, air-dried, and cradled in luscious olive oil, resulting in a tantalizing amalgam of flavors and textures that evolves over time. The journey on the palate begins with an engaging hint of salinity, courteously holding the door open for a ballet of robust yet refined flavors. One can discern a symphony of earthiness intertwined with sweetly sophisticated maritime notes underscoring the innate flavor of these vintage sardines, making every bite a delightful revelation. The centerpiece of this gastronomic extravaganza is the olive oil, an understated maestro directing the sensory orchestra. Far from just a preservation medium, the oil curates a culinary confit, enabling the sardines to achieve a gentle softness, melding years of maturation into a delectable confit consistency.

Pairings & Suggestions

Rödel Boneless Vintage Sardines are versatile companions to various culinary adventures, elegantly accentuating the ordinary and transforming it into an extraordinary gastronomic soiree. Here are some suggestions:

  • On Toast: Just a smattering of these exquisite sardines atop a crusty piece of bread, perhaps with a dash of tangy Dijon mustard presents a simple yet sumptuous amuse-bouche.

  • Pastas and Risottos: Flake them into a fragrant pot of pasta or creamy risotto, allowing the uniquely lavish flavours to playfully intertwine with the sturdy base.

  • Salads: For a refreshing approach, blend them into salads. They bring a radiant depth to citrusy greens and a zesty dressing.

Pair with a robust, white wine such as a Chenin Blanc to balance their richness while complimenting the oceanic undertones.

Sealed with Time: The Rödel Legacy

Rödel & Fils Frères, a brand rooted in Bordeaux, France, has been crafting canned goods par excellence since 1824. The brand’s pièce de résistance, the Boneless Vintage Sardines, matured in olive oil for several years, are the product of a labour of love guided by an enduring tradition of seafood preservation. More than just sardines canned in olive oil, they are symbols of culinary heritage, patiently biding their time in a can until they reach a state of sublime refinement. Their aging process, a testament to the brand’s attention to detail and commitment to perfection, elevates ordinary sardines to the realm of gourmet excellence. Uncork this time capsule, and open yourself to an epicurean journey marked with notes of tradition, patience, and refined taste.

Storage Instructions

Keep the sardines stored in a cool and dry space. Upon opening, if the entire contents are not consumed, the remainder should be kept refrigerated in a sealed container. Ensure consumption within three days of opening.

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