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DeLoach Russian River Pinot Noir

Sophisticated Elegance Redefined


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DeLoach Russian River Pinot Noir is a connoisseur's delight, epitomizing the marriage of terroir and artisanal mastery.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

The DeLoach Russian River Pinot Noir unfolds like an intricate narrative of the Russian River Valley, each swirl of the glass a testament to the memoirs of the land it hails from. The fruit-driven aromas beckon with whispers of red raspberry and cherry, while dark fruit tones of black cherry and blackberry add gravitas to its bouquet. Mingling in this olfactory tale are layers of clove spice from oak’s influential embrace, along with the grounded allure of forest floor and the mineral notes reminiscent of a rain-kissed pathway. The texture narrative proceeds with a medium-bodied protagonist, neither too austere nor imposing, just the perfect dialogue between lightness and gravitas. On the palate, the wine begins its story with primary flavors of strawberry and raspberry, joined by stone fruit complexity from plums that add a symphonic depth. The secondary flavors bring forth an earthy rhubarb and the warmth of baking spices, clove being most articulate, gesturing towards the oak’s nurturing role in the aging process. The tannins, moderate in their expression, provide a backbone to the tale—structured yet approachable, while the brightness of the acidity shines like the leitmotif throughout the narrative, balancing the fruit and imparting refreshment. Our denouement approaches in a refreshing finish, graciously clearing the stage for the next sip, discreetly inviting an encore. It is, in essence, a harmonious blend that encapsulates the complex character of the Russian River Valley, a true sensorial epistle etched in every bottle.

Pairings & Suggestions

Pairing DeLoach with Delicacies:

  • For the Carnivores: Unveil the wine’s profundity with a dish of roasted duck accompanied by a tart cherry reduction or a filet of salmon enveloped in a beurre rouge.
  • For the Herbivores: A wild mushroom risotto laced with truffle oil or an heirloom beetroot carpaccio with a sprinkle of chevre; a celebration for the senses.
  • For the Grazers: Assemble an artisanal cheese and charcuterie platter, where aged Gruyere and prosciutto take center stage, playing delightfully with DeLoach’s fruit and spice profiles.

    The Firefighter’s Vineyard: A Legacy of Terroir and Tradition

In the effervescent world of California’s wine country, the DeLoach vineyards stand as a bastion of viticulture, where innovation and tradition are interwoven gracefully. The story begins with a valiant San Francisco firefighter, Cecil DeLoach, who, like a character from an adventure, turned to the alchemy of winemaking. Planting Pinot Noir in 1973, he was a visionary, seeing the potential of the Russian River Valley, long before it became the revered terroir it is today. His legacy continues under the guardianship of the Boisset family, who brought a Burgundian touch to these Californian vines. Adopting sustainable and biodynamic practices, they write a new chapter in the vineyard’s history—one that speaks of an ethos for the land and the integrity of the wine. Such a narrative is sure to captivate the table, igniting conversations about passion, transformation, and of course, the indelible character of the DeLoach Russian River Pinot Noir.

Taste Profile


Technical Sheet

Alcohol Content14.5%
PairingsVeal, Pork, Poultry, Mushrooms
VarietalsPinot Noir
Natural WineNo
RegionRussian River Valley
StyleCalifornian Russian River Valley Pinot Noir Red

Storage Instructions

DeLoach Russian River Pinot Noir requires careful consideration for storage. The optimal temperature range is 55-60°F (13-16°C), shielded from the harshness of light, particularly UV rays which can catalyze chemical reactions detrimental to quality. Humidity plays a minor yet crucial role; too low, and the cork could lose its elasticity, high, and the moisture may invite unwanted mold. Therefore, maintain a humidity around 70%. Moreover, the tranquility of the wine should not be disturbed by vibrations which can upset the sediment, marring the clarity and texture. Hence, a wine cellar or a specialized wine refrigerator is the sanctuary for this elixir. Should the bottle be opened but not fully enjoyed, reseal it tightly; the remaining wine will agreeably share your company for a few more days if kept refrigerated.

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