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Delivery to: Metro Manila

Organic Fresh Seabass from Corinthian Gulf

Pure, Sustainable, and Exceptional Quality

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10 servings
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Discover the exquisite taste of OSO's Organic Fresh Seabass, sourced from the pristine waters of the Corinthian Gulf. Raised with great care for animal welfare and environmental preservation, this exceptional seabass offers a superior culinary experience.

Tasting Notes of the Curator

The Organic Fresh Seabass from Corinthian Gulf boasts a firm, white flesh with a delicate, balanced flavor that is subtly iodized. The unique characteristics of this seabass can be attributed to:

  • Deep waters with strong currents ensuring clear, pollution-free farming conditions
  • Low stocking density promoting animal welfare
  • Monitored feeding using GMO-free, land animal meal-free food

These factors result in a seabass that is not only delicious but also sustainably and ethically produced. OSO’s commitment to quality is evident in their manual selection of the finest fish.

Pairings and Suggestions

The Organic Fresh Seabass is a versatile ingredient that can be prepared whole or in fillets. To fully appreciate its exceptional taste, consider the following pairings and preparation ideas:

  • Grilled or pan-seared with a drizzle of olive oil, lemon, and fresh herbs
  • Baked in parchment paper with aromatic vegetables
  • Steamed with ginger, garlic, and soy sauce for an Asian twist
  • Paired with light, crisp white wines like Sauvignon Blanc or Vermentino

A Brand with a Legacy of Excellence

OSO is a leader in organic high-quality farming, with a diverse range of exceptional products like their famous Madagascar Gambas, Irish Salmon, and Corinthian Seabass and Seabream. Their dedication to sustainable and ethical practices has earned them a reputation as a trusted source for the finest seafood.

Storage Instructions

To preserve the quality of your Organic Fresh Seabass, store it in the refrigerator on ice or in a sealed container. Consume within 1-2 days for optimal freshness.

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