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Air-flown from France and delivered within Metro Manila

What once was a limĀ­itĀ­ed delĀ­iĀ­caĀ­cy is now easĀ­iĀ­ly accesĀ­siĀ­ble because of The Bow Tie Duck. Our online deli feaĀ­tures authenĀ­tic, preĀ­miĀ­um OsciĀ­etra, Acipenser Baeri, Kristal Caviar, and RussĀ­ian BelĀ­uĀ­ga caviar.

Every bite is an expeĀ­riĀ­ence for the sensĀ­es, from the texĀ­ture of the caviar to the disĀ­tinct salt-sea taste of this fine seafood prodĀ­uct. Do note that our selecĀ­tion of caviar is clasĀ­siĀ­fied as rare items. These prodĀ­ucts are availĀ­able only in small amounts at a time. Order authenĀ­tic caviar online today and indulge in its savory saltiĀ­ness. ComĀ­pleĀ­ment the taste by pairĀ­ing the caviar with crisp white wine when servĀ­ing with a meal or with ChamĀ­pagne when servĀ­ing on its own.

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We import from all over the world and respect the strictest international norms about the cold chain to ensure the safest and tastiest experience.

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Our first job is to be the curators of your palate. We keep on traveling around the world, tasting and negociating products for your pleasure.

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Upon order, our logistics ducks will prepare your delicacies and our delivery partner will come to you with your items in an insulated box.