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Calvisius Ars Italica Sevruga Royal (Acipenser stellatus star sturgeon) Caviar

Delicate, Pure, and Refreshing.


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The Calvisius Ars Italica Sevruga Royal Caviar is a delicious caviar that is procured from farmed Acipenser star sturgeon. The native star sturgeon is critically endangered, but thanks to world-renowned sustainability techniques and farming employed by Calvisius, the use of star sturgeon roe does not impact the native population of this beautiful fish.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

The Calvisius Ars Italica Sevruga Royal Caviar is simply delicious. The star sturgeon produces a smaller roe compared to its Russian sturgeon cousin. The star sturgeon produces roe between 2.3 and 2.5 millimeters in diameter, compared to the 3 mm and above for Russian sturgeon. The results are a flavor packed pearl of deliciousness that is as beautiful to look at as it is to roll around on your tongue. Known as the rib cap of caviar, it is particularly enjoyed by caviar experts and connoisseurs around the world, thanks to its beautiful silver sheen and attractive gray color. It is silky and persistent, reminiscent of fresh oysters. On the palate, this caviar promotes persistent marine notes and fragrances. It is bold and unlike any other caviar.

Preparation and Pairing

A caviar this unique should be enjoyed on its own to begin with. It is fresh, vibrant, and delicious. It can also be enjoyed as part of other seafood dishes. A favorite is scallop carpaccio using the caviar as a garnish. However, a caviar as unique as this should really be enjoyed on its own. When serving, use non-reactive bowls or dishes (no metal), or simply leave it in its jar. Serve chilled, but not frozen and use mother of pearl caviar spoons, no metal.

This exquisite caviar pairs wonderfully with a tall glass (or bottle) of Pol Roger Brut Reserve N.V. The delicateness of this Champagne matches the uniqueness of the caviar perfectly.

Real Friends of The Sea

Calvisius has been awarded the prestigious “Certificate Friends of the Sea” for its sustainable approach in breeding sturgeons and preserving the ecosystem of the Po Valley. This commitment to sustainable practices ensures that the caviar is not only delicious but also ethically and environmentally responsible. The Calvisius caviar is a true delicacy, enjoyed by gourmet connoisseurs and chefs around the world. It’s a perfect representation of the Italian craftsmanship, tradition and the natural resources of the area.

Storage Instructions

Store in your refrigerator

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