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Kaviari Sevruga

Strong, unique flavor


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A rare caviar, the Kaviari Sevruga has a truly unique taste. It’s fresh and refined, with a strong flavor with nutty hints.


Sevruga caviar comes from the Sevruga sturgeon, particularly the Acipenser Stellatus species. These small, dark grey pearls are rare to find, and is called the “connoisseur caviar.” It has a strong, unique flavor, with fresh and refined qualities, and notes of fresh walnuts.


The simpler the better is a good thing to remember when serving caviar. Scoop it straight out of its tin with a mother-of-pearl, bone, or wooden spoon (metal will interfere and ruin the flavor). You can garnish it with some lemon or herbs. Another traditional way to enjoy caviar is with blinis or small pieces of toasted bread. Serve the Kaviari Sevruga on either base, and add a side of sour cream or crème fraiche to it.

Caviar goes perfectly with two drinks in particular: vodka and Champagne. Vodka is a drink that has a clean and crisp flavor that when ice cold, brings out the flavor of the caviar without overwhelming it. And the bubbles in Champagne not only balances out the caviar’s flavor, but also enhances it.


With 40 years of experience, Kaviari is found in the heart of Paris, and is a benchmark in caviar and haute cuisine. Founded by Raphaël Bouchez and Jacques Nebot, they offer the finest caviars with a wide variety of choices.

A family business, Kaviari makes it a point to work closely with fish farmers at every stage of production, committed to being hands-on in everything: natural farming conditions, quality of water, harvesting of eggs, and ripening of grains. They are committed to using artisanal and traditional know-how, and work with the best sturgeon breeding farms in the world.

Today, House Kaviari not only offers the most luxurious caviar, but a myriad of other delicacies. From smoked salmon, rillettes, and roe, to preserves, jams, and blinis, and even tea, their quality remains superior.

Storage Instructions

Keep your unopened tin of caviar refrigerated at a chilly -1 to 4°C for up to 4 weeks. Take it out of the fridge 10 to 15 minutes before serving. If you’re setting it out for a long cocktail party or dinner service, leave it in the original tin, nestled in a bowl of crushed ice to keep it cool. An open tin of caviar must be consumed within 2 to 3 days.

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