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Stefania Calugi Dehydrated Summer Truffle and Salt

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Imagine having access to the flavor of truffles while adding seasoning to your food at the very same time. Imagine no further as Stefania Calugi Tartufi has expertly dehydrated and bottled the very best summer truffles for your on-demand needs.
Tuscany Northern Italy

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Stefania Calugi Dehydrated Summer Truffle and Salt is the perfect addition to your pantry. This bottle of delicious dehydrated summer truffles is mixed with salt to create the perfect flavor enhancer. This delicious bottle comes with a built-in grater for ease of use. What makes this seasoning so special, aside from it being made with summer truffles? Summer truffles, compared to their perigord cousins, are far more subtle and subdued in flavor. They have a light flavor that is easily balanced with fish and other food items without any fear of it overpowering or stealing the spotlight from other ingredients. A truffle is 80% water, so what one is left with after the dehydration process is pure flavor. This is truly a must have for any serious pantry.


This dehydrated truffle seasoning is perfect on a carpaccio or perhaps grated over your weekend brunch eggs to elevate the dish. IT is great as an accompaniment to simple salads, such as roquet, parmesan and balsamic. Add this seasoning (in lieu of salt) to your salads to add an extra layer of complexity. This salad pairs perfectly with a lightly seared salmon filet, seasoned slightly with salt and pepper. Consider replacing the salt for the dehydrated truffles instead. The perfect wine for this would be Sylvain Pataille Bourgogne Blanc “Les Mechalots” due to the intensity and fruitiness of this delicious white Burgundy.

A history of deliciousness

Stefania Calugi Tartufi was founded by Stefania Calugi in the late 80’s in Castelfiorentino, Florence. The main aim of this company was to provide the very best ‘fruits of the earth’ that mother nature had to offer. And indeed they do. Farming or procuring the very best truffles and accompaniments, Stefania Calugi Tartufi is synonymous with quality and one of the most sought after brands in Florence.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cold and dark place.

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