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Calvisius Ars Italica Oscietra Imperial (Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii) Caviar

Painstaking Perfection


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The Calvisius Ars Italica Oscietra Imperial Caviar is decadent and the perfect example of one of the finest caviars in the world. The roe, which comes from Russian Sturgeon, takes 11 years to harvest and literally defines ‘a labor of love’. This love can definitely be tasted when consuming this caviar.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

The Calvisius Ars Italica Oscietra Imperial Caviar is some of the finest caviar in the world. Not all eggs from this sturgeon can be used, however. Only roe that measures at least 3 millimeters in size are accepted. Each egg is painstakingly inspected to ensure only the best quality is served. The Imperial caviar promotes a healthy brown to dark brown color with hints of amber depending on how the caviar is looked at, from which angle, and the source of light. It has a rich, velvety mouthfeel that promotes a creamy nuttiness such as hazelnut, with hints of sea urchin and fresh oysters. It is buttery on the tongue and screams decadence as you slowly enjoy the caviar in your mouth and allow it to roll around your tongue.

Preparation OR Pairings → Choose which to use

While, traditionally, caviar is served with bread or bilins, and topped with citrus or sour cream (or simply only butter), a caviar this fine should only be enjoyed on its own. It is complex, rich, and promotes a wonderful palate that would be lost should other flavors be introduced. Serve straight from the jar, or transfer to a non-reactive bowl (no metals!) such as glass or crystal. Make sure your caviar spoons are not made from any metals, as this will cause the caviar to oxidize. Mother of pearl spoons are best.

Pair this decadent caviar with the very best Champagnes and Sparkling Wines. Our suggestion is Mailly Grand Cru Brut Reserve Champagne. A beautiful Champagne paired with beautiful caviar.

It’s all about the fish.

While the Russian sturgeon is a critically endangered fish, Calvisius have created sustainable farming techniques thanks to their natural spring water ponds and Sturgeon research laboratories. Through studying the fish, they were able to devise a system of sustainability that not only prevented the sturgeon numbers from declining, but allowed them to thrive. Calvisius have been awarded various levels and titles for their commitment to the sustainability of their farmed caviar fish.

Storage Instructions

Store in your refrigerator.

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