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Dom Petroff Imperial French Baeri Caviar

Purely Woodsy and Brined

Since the Siber­ian Stur­geon was intro­duced to Aquitaine, France, the breed has gained the fla­vors of that region’s waters. Caviar from these fish car­ry the taste of the South­ern Atlantic.


Dom Petroff’s Impe­r­i­al Baeri French Caviar has a pure fla­vor, woodsy and nut­ty, high­light­ed by a light briny taste — thanks to a care­ful mat­u­ra­tion peri­od in the work­shop. These del­i­cate eggs are known for their fine-grained tex­ture, grant­i­ng them a smooth­ness and ele­gance in appear­ance and an exquis­ite mouth­feel. Their col­or ranges from smoky gray to dark brown to pure black.


Baeri caviar, known in France as Aquitaine caviar, is tra­di­tion­al­ly eat­en on its own, sans accom­pa­ni­ment and straight out of the tin, with a small moth­er-of-pearl spoon. You can also eat it over light­ly but­tered or dry toast, or even unsalt­ed crack­ers. The Russ­ian way to enjoy caviar is to have it atop bli­ni, gar­nished with sour cream, chopped onion, fresh herbs, and crum­bled boiled egg.


The Siber­ian stur­geon, oth­er­wise called Acipenser baerii, is one of sev­er­al species of stur­geon found orig­i­nal­ly in the Caspi­an Sea. This par­tic­u­lar fish can pro­duce its exquis­ite roe for 6 to 8 breed­ing years. It is found in many parts of the world and is con­sid­ered an alter­na­tive to the much prici­er Bel­u­ga. It came to France in 1989, where it is eth­i­cal­ly bred and sourced to ensure opti­mal qual­i­ty in every tin.

Storage Instructions

Keep your unopened tin of caviar refrig­er­at­ed at a chilly ‑1 to 4°C for up to 4 weeks. Take it out of the fridge 10 to 15 min­utes before serv­ing. If you’re set­ting it out for a long cock­tail par­ty or din­ner ser­vice, leave it in the orig­i­nal tin, nes­tled in a bowl of crushed ice to keep it cool. An open tin of caviar must be con­sumed with­in 2 to 3 days.

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