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DeLoach California Zinfandel

California Zinfandel Elegance


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Embark on an enological odyssey with the DeLoach California Zinfandel, a quintessential expression of the Golden State's viticultural virtuosity.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

The DeLoach California Zinfandel reveals a tapestry of dynamic scents and layers of flavor that pay homage to California’s viticultural prowess. Its bouquet unfurls with an orchestra of fruit aromas, where tart cherries impart a fresh zest, and blackberries add an earthy richness. The wine’s spice character is both nuanced and pronounced, with soft undertones of cinnamon and clove harmoniously playing off the sharp, distinctive white pepper and sweetly exotic star anise. Beyond this interplay of fruit and spice, terroir expresses itself through brambly earthy tones, harmonized with the history-infused vanilla and smoky notes derived from judicious oak aging. On the palate, this Zinfandel engages with layers of raspberry and currant, juxtaposed against the lively zests of white pepper and licorice-like anise. Its structure offers a medium to full body sustained by a backbone of moderate tannins alongside a bright acidity that invigorates the wine’s robust profile. Artfully balancing the medley of flavors, the finish extends with an elegance that is uniquely Californian, carrying the echo of its varietal character and the whispers of the Russian River Valley terroir.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Grilled Meats: The smoky nuances of barbecue provide a delightful contrast to the Zinfandel’s ripe fruit profile.
  • Robust Cheeses: Opt for aged varieties that can stand up to the wine’s bold character, such as a sharp cheddar or Gouda.
  • Savory Stews: A hearty beef or lamb stew, simmering with herbs, effortlessly complements the Zinfandel’s spice notes.
  • Pasta with Rich Sauces: Whether it’s a Bolognese or a porcini mushroom sauce, the structured tannins of the wine cut through the richness of the dish.
  • Dessert Pairings: Venture beyond the savory and consider a dark chocolate tart or berry crumble that echoes the wine’s own dark fruit tones.

    Sip of Sustainability: DeLoach’s Journey

DeLoach Vineyards emerges from the terroir-rich Russian River Valley, committed to biodynamic practices and meticulously crafted viticulture. The winery, under the guidance of the Boisset family, preserves winemaking heritage while embracing innovative techniques that tell a tale of both land and legacy.

Taste Profile


Technical Sheet

Alcohol Content13.5%
PairingsBeef, Lamb, Poultry
Natural WineNo
StyleCalifornian Zinfandel

Storage Instructions

Preserve the character of DeLoach California Zinfandel by storing in a cool, dark place, ideally at a constant temperature between 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit. Ensure bottles are laid horizontally to keep corks moist, and shield them from vibrations to maintain the wine’s integrity.

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