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Ferrari Carano Tresor

Sonoma Valley's Refined Blend


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Discover Ferrari Carano Tresor, a harmonious Bordeaux-style blend that weaves the exquisite character of Sonoma's terroir with the finesse of artisan winemaking.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Ferrari Carano Tresro emerges as a symphony in a glass, evoking the essence of Sonoma County’s esteemed viticulture. The aromas unfold delicately, offering a range of wild berries and refined fragrances of sweet cola and caramel. Layers of complexity continue with ripe plums and a whisper of mocha, whilst delicate vanilla plays throughout, a testament to its judicious oak aging. The cedar’s woodsy undertones and the spirited scent of black cassis complete the captivating bouquet.\n\nOn the palate, this opulent wine presents a tapestry of dark fruits, with blackberry, cherry, and plum at the forefront, interlaced with undulating waves of spices, including clove, cinnamon, and pepper nuances. The oaken character provides a sanctuary of vanilla, toast, and a tinge of smokiness, which seamlessly integrates with sumptuous chocolate and vanilla undertones. The intriguing hint of leather contributes an earthy, savory dimension, while notes of mature tobacco lend depth to the flavor profile. The texture unfolds with majesty; full-bodied with a substantial presence that demands attention, yet doesn’t overshadow its intrinsic richness together with a well-integrated tannic structure that unites the experience. The finale is one of longevity, a long, expressive finish that lingers thoughtfully, ensuring that each sip is a lasting memory.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • For a quintessential experience, pair Ferrari Carano Tresor with hearty dishes such as a succulent beef Wellington or a rich, bold ratatouille. It’s robust profile also allows it to stand alongside game, embodying an exquisite pairing with venison or wild boar.\n- The complexity and texture harmonize with mature cheeses, think aged Gouda or Manchego, offering a dance of flavors that tantalize the palate.\n- Conclude your meal with a chocolate decadence dessert, allowing the chocolate notes within TTesor to resonate with sweet indulgence.

    A Tapestry of Terroir and Talent

Ferrari Carano Tresor bears the soul of Sonoma County, a region known for its diverse microclimates and rich viticultural heritage. Each bottle is a testament to the Carano family’s Italian lineage and their unwavering commitment to wine excellence. Initially planting roots in the fertile landscape of Northern California, they have cultivated a vinous treasure that transcends the ordinary. Engage in tales of terroir, as Tresor encapsulates the distinctive climate and soil composition of Sonoma’s valleys, reflected in its aromatic complexity and depth of flavor. It stands as a tribute to the visionaries behind Ferrari Carano, whose dedication to sustainable viticulture and innovative winemaking techniques have artfully sculpted the profile of this esteemed offering.

Taste Profile


Technical Sheet

Alcohol Content15%
PairingsBeef, Lamb, Poultry, Game
VarietalsMalbec, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc
Natural WineNo
StyleCalifornian Bordeaux Blend

Storage Instructions

To preserve the integrity of Ferrari Carano Tresor , store the bottle horizontally in a cool, dark environment, ideally within a temperature-controlled wine cellar. Consistent temperatures around 55F (13C) and humidity of 60-70% are optimal. Limit exposure to vibration and light, maintaining the wine’s harmonious development over time.

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