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Échiré Butter AOP


The French Queen of Butters

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Regarded as the world's most exclusive and expensive butter that shares the same appellation status as that of champagne. Comes in Demi Sel (Salted) 250g and 5kg variants as well as Doux (Unsalted) 250g.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Échiré butter’s appeal lies in its delicate, creamy and distinct flavor – a recipe that has stayed true to its roots since 1894, made at the same independent dairy near the cities of Poitiers and La Rochelle in Western France. It contains more butterfat (82%) than normal butters and has a higher melting point. This trait makes it especially good for delicacies such as croissants or puff pastry, which need rolling out several times.

This butter presents itself pale in colour: the very light yellow of primrose petals. Its texture is also firmer than normal butter, but suppler and not as greasy.

Culinary experts prefer to purchase this butter in huge slabs or amounts because the less it is interfered with, the better it tastes. Butter should be kept in the fridge at all times. Storing it at room temperature may make it easier to spread, but just a few degrees’ fluctuation will compromise the taste.


Use as is. This highly regarded butter is perfect for cooking, baking or even plainly spreading on your favorite bread.

High Quality Production to Cult Status

The milk used to produce Échiré butter comes from 66 farms, all within a 50 km circumference. The cows enjoy the same grass and climate. With Échiré butter the area of origin is so defined, its flavour is traceable and distinct. Échiré is produced with a huge amount of care and attention to detail, but the fact that it is from a small area in France comes across when you eat it. You can taste the difference.

Handling of the butter is also kept to a minimum to preserve its quality. Having it handled and produced by hand helps lessen any damaging impact to the butter.

Échiré butter is highly renowned internationally, so much so that many of the top bakeries, pâtisseries, and restaurants use this butter exclusively. There are even two shops in Japan, Maison du Beurre in Tokyo and Marché au Beurre in Osaka devoted to selling Échiré – and only Échiré. Its cult status ensures that the pure-butter croissants, made in-house, sell out before lunch.

Échiré Butter has held an Appellation d’Origine Protégée (AOP) status since 1992 and is certified Non-GMO.

A Bow Tie Duck Privilege

It is with great honor that The Bow Tie Duck was given to privilege to carry this butter exclusively during its prime launch in Manila last 2020 and to this day, is sourced directly and only from the Échiré factory in France. As we get them direct from source, Échiré butters from The Bow Tie Duck are assured to be of prime quality with proper consideration and respect to production and best before dates before delivered to you. They are regularly air-flown from France and stored in best conditions to make sure they are of best quality once you receive them.

This butter is one of The Bow Tie Duck’s best selling items and has successfully changed the perception of both the Filipinos and the first-time Échiré buyers and has led them towards a well-rounded appreciation for good-quality, grass-fed cow milk butter sourced from France. Nothing can beat the Queen of Butters!

Storage Instructions

Consult the best before date indicated on our variants, prior to ordering. The real shelf life of the Échiré Butter is 2 months, provided they are kept refrigerated. Shelf life can be prolonged further by freezing.

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