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French Butters

The best butter in the world

French butter is the highest in quality. They have a faster melt-ability, golden yellow color, richer taste and a softer texture. Many chefs and ethusiasts agree that French butters are unequalled and top their lists as the best butter in the world.

Our selection of French butters include Echire, Isigny and Bordier, are salted and unsalted, which can be enjoyed in many ways. It’s ability to melt faster and its malleability is a perfect baking ingredient and a favorite among professional bakers and chefs alike.

French butters are required to have at least 82% butterfat (demi-sel or salted butter can be at 80% with 2% salt). This is what makes all the difference as this influences the butter’s richly tangy flavor, consistent texture and workability. With a history that spans over hundreds of years, its production is exclusive to Brittany and Normandy. The Appellation d’Origine Controlee (AOC) title is awarded to products from these regions that have met the requirements for highest standards of quality.

French butters are produced from milk that is made from grass fed cows from these regions. The process is protected and heavily regulated and are made using a special process called Baratte which is the French word for churn. The churning process mostly uses old fashioned wooden barrels and uses less water which early on determines the final butter fat content. The the milk is separated then spun with the heaviest part of the milk which produces a thick and smooth consistency. The cream is then pasteurized at a low temperature then set aside to be cultured for 2 days. This can be time consuming but heavily influences the quality of the flavor. A dose of cream is re-injected to create a final product that is rich in flavor, texture and taste. Different seasons can even provide different flavors, which can give you more floral notes in spring or a sweeter taste during summer.

If refrigerated, the shelf life of French butters is no more than 2 months. Its shelf life can be extended by freezing it. To maintain its quality in flavor its best to allow it sit outside of your refrigerator for 15 minutes to reach room temperature before serving.