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Bordier Madagascar Vanilla Butter

Artisanal Elegance, Exotic Flair


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Indulge in the exquisite Bordier Madagascar Vanilla Butter - a harmony of French artisanal skill and exotic Madagascar vanilla.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Explore a sensorial journey with Bordier’s Madagascar Vanilla Butter, where the silky opulence of artisanally churned butter elegantly intertwines with the deep, sweet perfumes of Madagascar vanilla. Crafted following ancient methods, this butter exudes the primary aroma of vanilla - sweet, creamy, and intense, underlaid with subtle floral and gentle woody hints, reminiscent of the vanilla orchid’s own growth story. The tasting spectrum continues to tantalize as vanilla sweetness provides the opening note, set against a backdrop of buttery richness that forms a luxurious foundation. Saltiness peeks through, enhancing flavors, while caramel hints add dessert-like complexity and nutty undertones echo the natural fats’ richness. Texture is critical, and here it reigns supreme - creamy yet firm when chilled, melting tenderly into a silken pool at room temperature, ready to augment any culinary canvas it graces.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Breakfast Delights: Spread it over freshly baked scones or incorporate it into your pancake batter for a morning infused with vanilla elegance.
  • Dessert Finishing: Swipe a dollop on warm apple tarte tatin or use it to craft a vanilla-kissed buttercream.
  • Savory Fusion: Elevate your lobster tail or seared scallops with a melting pat, introducing an unexpected vanilla twist.

    A Legacy Creamed in Time

Founded in Brittany, France, Bordier embraces time-honored techniques to create butters of unparalleled flavor and texture. Jean-Yves Bordier, a connoisseur of dairy arts, infuses his products with the legacy of a craft centuries in the making, aligning profoundly with the gustatory expectations of the haute cuisine milieu.

Storage Instructions

Store this culinary jewel in your refrigerator between +2°C to +6°C, and for long-term delight, nestle it in your freezer for up to 4 months.