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Bordier Doux (Unsalted) Butter

Artisanal French Excellence

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Indulge in the unparalleled purity of Beurre Bordier Plaquette Doux, a testament to artisanal French craftsmanship and Brittany's rich dairy heritage.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Beurre Bordier Plaquette Doux stands as a paragon of French butter-making, a celebration of terroir and meticulous craftsmanship by Jean-Yves Bordier, whose name signifies quality in the world of culinary fats. Each tasting unveils the intricacies of fresh cream’s essence, a dance of lush pastures and the saline kiss of Breton air upon one’s palate. Sourced from cows leisurely grazing in Brittany’s mineral-rich grasses, this exquisite unsalted butter reveals a tapestry of flavors that hold a mirror to the region itself.

The primary profile encapsulates the undiluted sweetness of cream interlaced with an undeniable savoriness, a testimony to the marriage of high-quality cream with the slow artisanal process. The beurre de barratte approach—a method where cream is cultured before being churned—yields a silkiness that commands appreciation, a creamy artifact of a timeless tradition. This butter is kneaded patiently with seasoned wooden paddles, a ritual that imparts an almost sacred quality to the texture—something you must experience to truly understand.

Seasonal variations whisper tales of a landscape in flux, with each batch narrating a different story of Brittany’s climate and flora, the cows’ diet subtly altering the character of the butter. With Bordier, each spread, each melt, is a journey through a tapestry of sensations where simplicity reigns, yet complexity thrives, striking a harmonious balance that is the hallmark of truly great butter.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Spread over a warm, crusty baguette to capture the butter’s pure flavor
  • Finish a pan-seared Dover sole with a dollop to elevate the dish
  • Integrate into pastry dough for classic French pâtisserie items, enhancing their delicate textures
  • Melt into a beurre blanc sauce to accompany delicate seafood or to drizzle over garden-fresh vegetables
  • Use as the foundational ingredient in savory pie crusts or quiches to impart a rich, flaky texture

    Bordier’s Legacy: The Breton Butter Alchemy

The Bordier brand, anchored in the historical and culinary haven of Brittany, FR, stands not merely as a producer of butter but as a symbol of French gastronomic prestige. Founded by Jean-Yves Bordier in 1985, the Maison du Beurre has become a mecca for dairy artisans and discerning gourmands alike. The butter’s unique character owes much to the region’s mild maritime climate, influenced by the Atlantic, lending a distinct flavor to the cream.

Moreover, the brand’s commitment to preserving artisanal techniques, such as the beurre de barratte process and the hand-kneading with wooden tools, marks Bordier as not just a keeper of tradition but also an influential force in the evolution of dairy crafts. This steadfast adherence to quality and technique makes every Bordier experience resonate with the legacy of its Breton roots.

Storage Instructions

To maintain Bordier Doux’s exquisite quality, store in the refrigerator at 4°C (39°F) or below. For prolonged preservation, wrap in parchment paper and place in an airtight container within the freezer, where it will keep for up to three months. Thaw slowly in the refrigerator a day before planned use to safeguard its supple texture.

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