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DeLoach California Cabernet Sauvignon

Elegant Complexity, Terroir-Driven


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DeLoach California Cabernet Sauvignon stands as a testament to the synthesis of Sonoma's terroir with artisanal winemaking.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Encapsulating the essence of Sonoma’s Russian River Valley, the DeLoach California Cabernet Sauvignon offers a symphony of sensory delight. Its olfactory landscape presents a harmonious interplay of dark fruit primary aromas, such as blackberries and plums, with the oak’s secondary whispers of vanilla and mocha, culminating in tertiary notes of aging tobacco. On the palate, it unveils a fruit-forward profile, highlighting the succulence of black cherries and the depth of dark berries, which are seamlessly integrated with hints of cedar from the oak aging and an intriguing bottle evolution backdrop of tobacco. A magnificent exemplar of varietal expression, it is the texture that truly sets this Cabernet Sauvignon apart - a marvel of full-bodied grace, underscored by firm tannins that promise to evolve, and a finish that persists, insisting on memory.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Grilled meats: The firm tannins harmonize wonderfully with the juiciness of a perfectly grilled steak.
  • Aged cheeses: Pair it with a slice of old cheddar for a match that will sing to the palate.
  • Dark chocolate desserts: Savor the lingering finish alongside an indulgent chocolate ganache.

    The Origin: America’s Burgundy

The Russian River Valley, Sonoma County is colloquially known as ‘America’s Burgundy’, a moniker derived from the high calibre of its vineyards which are notorious for producing wines paralleling the quality of France’s famed Burgundy. The illustrious DeLoach Vineyards plays its part in this pageant with its California Cabernet Sauvignon. What makes a talking point at any gathering is the vineyard’s pronounced environmental stewardship. Certified organic and practicing biodynamic agriculture, this vineyard aligns with the lunar cycle and fosters an eco-system as complex as the wine itself. Such dedication ushers in a bottle of wine that is not only a pleasure to drink but is also a bastion of sustainable viticulture.

Taste Profile


Technical Sheet

Alcohol Content13.5%
PairingsBeef, Lamb, Poultry, Game
VarietalsCabernet Sauvignon
Natural WineNo
StyleCalifornian Cabernet Sauvignon

Storage Instructions

To preserve the integrity and flavor profile of the DeLoach California Cabernet Sauvignon, bottles should be stored at a constant temperature around 55°F, in a dark, humidity-controlled environment, ideally on their side to keep the cork moist, and away from any potential vibration.

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