Delivery to: Metro Manila
Delivery to: Metro Manila
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Signature Food

Exquisite Food Items from all over the world brought to Manila

The Bow Tie Duck wants you to indulge in life’s simple luxuries. So we make premium food and beverages more accessible to you. Just add your choices to the cart, click the order button, and we will have it delivered in 48 hours or even 3 hours for the Express Delivery items.
Bordier Yuzu Butter

Bordier Yuzu Butter

PHP 850.00

Out of Stock

Express Delivery

If you do not know where to start, take a look at our collection of signature food. This includes caviar that melts in your mouth, cheese that’s good at any age, rich and buttery foie gras that comes straight from France, Black Summer Truffles and an array of quality condiments. Place your order today.