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Dom Petroff Smoked Salmon

A Selection of the Atlantic


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Dom Petroff smokes salmon according to family traditions that go back all the way to the 1930s. They source their fish from the cool waters of the north Atlantic.


Whole fish arrive at Dom Petroff’s facilities in France to be filleted, trimmed, and hand-salted before smoking in traditional manually operated smokerooms. Each variant of their smoked salmon takes its natural flavor and texture from the part of the sea the fish are taken from.

  • Norwegian Smoked Salmon has a soft, faintly sweet flesh, overlaid with a touch of beechwood smoke.
  • Scottish Smoked Salmon, beech-smoked, has firm flesh with a very forward pure and rich taste.
  • Faroe Islands Smoked Salmon has a delicate, sashimi-like texture and a mild beech wood smokiness.
  • Organic Smoked Salmon are smoked with beechwood, sourced from small low-handling aquafarms along the Atlantic that lend an added tenderness to their meat.
  • Wild-Caught Baltic Sea Smoked Salmon, leaner and paler than their farmed counterparts, are smoked with beechwood and have a powerful iodine taste.


Your smoked salmon will taste best if it’s taken out of the fridge about 15 to 20 minutes before serving. Use it in eggs Florentine or afternoon tea sandwiches with cucumber—or slice thin lengths into risotto or pasta. In France, smoked salmon is also popular in quiches and tarts. With capers, thin slices of bread, or even cubed melon, smoked salmon makes a perfect appetizer at any gathering. With a bit of mint dip, dill sauce, or Greek yogurt dressing—we love Fage 5% Greek Yogurt for this—the fish’s fresh taste will be brought out to advantage.

The Bow Tie Duck has also taken the liberty to bring in Dom Petroff Big Blinis for your pairing with these Smoked Salmons.

In search of a bit of bubbly to go with your smoked salmon? Champagne is a must, but you can also have light, crisp whites wines like Sancerre or Chablis. Dry Rieslings or Gewurztraminer are also good choices. You can also enjoy smoked salmon with German wheat beer, malt whiskey, or even strong, Polish vodka to complement the iodine tastes.


While Dom Petroff is known best as a leading caviar brand among major retailers, it has been in the salmon business from the very start. Since the brand’s inception in the 1970s, even way back in the small family business origins of the 1970s, they have been placed on a pedestal for their high-end seafood products. Their salmon, sourced all over Northern Europe, is manually cold-smoked in Paris for distribution to the world.

Storage Instructions

Smoked fish can be kept in the fridge for 21 days before opening. It must be consumed within 48 hours afterward.

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