Delivery to: Metro Manila
Delivery to: Metro Manila
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Air-flown Live Tarbouriech Pink Oysters Speciale

Oyster Royalty


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Succulent oysters of the highest caliber, made from innovative means by the famed Maison Tarbouriech. Pink oyster sizes are defined as N4 being the smallest and N0 being the biggest.


Twice as full and fleshy as the already incredible Bouzigues oysters, the Tarbouriech speciales are a gorgeous rosy pink, with a brilliant wave-polished shell, and an incomparably white mother-of-pearl shell. Its pinkness is said to be “a blush” caused by the oysters’ reaction to the sun. Its pink hue is more prominent during summer months, when the Mediterranean sun gives these beauties a pinkish glow.

They are matured for at least three years, and are very carefully selected. With subtle aromas of hazelnut and mushroom, they are decidedly enticing.These high-end oysters have generous flavor, with a crunchy muscle and soft, full flesh. They are finely iodized, and surprisingly sweet.

The most popular choice offered is the N3 Box of 24 as it serves as the ideal size (not too large or small), good for 3-4 people.


Tarbouriech speciales are best enjoyed on their own, with only a squeeze of lemon. Enjoy with the perfect balance of acidity and freshness brought to you by a bottle of Soalheiro Alvarinho hailing from the beautiful sunny region of Melgaço region of northern Portugal. If you’d like to have an asian twist, pair these divine oysters with premium quality sakes such as that of Kotsuzumi Rojoh Hana Ari Aoi. You’ll find yourself in a beautiful harmony between the saltiness of the oysters and the sweet fruitiness of a full-bodied Aoi.


Florent Tarbouriech is an innovative and passionate oyster farmer, who firmly believes in the quality of his products. He wanted to improve his classic Bouzigues, and make them appeal more to prestigious chefs who were fond of Atlantic oysters. So, he decided to recreate the effect of the Atlantic tides onto his own farm in Thau Lagoon. Thus, La Marée Solaire (or The Solar Tide) was born.

The Solar Tide—which is now patented, is a remotely controlled mechanism that involves solar panels and wind turbines. This allows Maison Tarbouriech to control the oysters’ exposure to the sun, and the direction and intensity of the waves.

The mechanism forces the oysters to produce higher leves of glycogen, making them grow denser muscle structure, resulting in the most luxurious oysters you’ve ever tasted.


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Storage Instructions

Store your box of fresh, unshucked oysters in your fridge, keeping the temperature between 0 to 5°C. Keep them covered with a damp cloth, flat side up, to increase shelf-life. To enjoy them at their freshest, please consume them within 48 hours. When you’re ready to shuck your oysters, take a sharp knife (a vegetable knife or, ideally, an oyster shucking knife) and hold the oyster, round-side down and pointed side facing you, between a tea towel. Wiggle the knife into the pointy end and twist it until the shell comes open.

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