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Nishiyama Kotsuzumi Rojoh Hana Ari Aoi Sake 720ml

Polished Perfection in a Bottle

A Monde Selec¬≠tion-Grand Gold Medal Awardee for 3 con¬≠sec¬≠u¬≠tive years, this Jun¬≠mai Daig¬≠in¬≠jo was giv¬≠en the high¬≠est rank out of 216 sakes by the world-renowned wine crit¬≠ic and som¬≠me¬≠li¬≠er, Robert M . Park¬≠er, Jr. 


A deeply com¬≠plex, rich yet del¬≠i¬≠cate sake wrapped in a beau¬≠ti¬≠ful aqua¬≠ma¬≠rine bot¬≠tle, Kot¬≠suzu¬≠mi Rojoh Hana Ari Aoi is per¬≠fec¬≠tion in a bottle.

The nose offers up aro¬≠mas of sweet pears, white peach and apples with creamy rice scents. The mouth¬≠feel is silky and del¬≠i¬≠cate. On the palate, Aoi exudes a soft pear tonal¬≠i¬≠ty, full bod¬≠ied bil¬≠low¬≠ing with del¬≠i¬≠cate sweet¬≠ness and uma¬≠mi flavours.


Pre¬≠mi¬≠um qual¬≠i¬≠ty sakes such as the Kot¬≠suzu¬≠mi Rojoh Hana Ari Aoi are best served chilled to pre¬≠serve the del¬≠i¬≠cate fruity aro¬≠mas and flavours enhanced by a cool¬≠er tem¬≠per¬≠a¬≠ture. Tra¬≠di¬≠tion¬≠al¬≠ly paired with lighter tast¬≠ing dish¬≠es such as sushi and sashi¬≠mi, Kot¬≠suzu¬≠mi Rojoh Hana Ari Aoi is also great served as an ap√©ri¬≠tif with our Kaviari Kristal Caviar, offer¬≠ing up a won¬≠der¬≠ful har¬≠mo¬≠ny between the salti¬≠ness of the caviar and the sweet fruiti¬≠ness of the full-bod¬≠ied Aoi. If you‚Äôre a cheese lover, try this sake with some blue cheese like our Fourme D‚ÄôAmbert


Kot¬≠suzu¬≠mi Rojoh Hana Ari Aoi is tru¬≠ly the best of the best. A mul¬≠ti-award¬≠ed sake, Kot¬≠suzu¬≠mi Rojoh Hana Ari Aoi is the jun¬≠mai daig¬≠in¬≠jo that has been grad¬≠ed the high¬≠est point among 216 sakes by the most influ¬≠en¬≠tial wine crit¬≠ic and som¬≠me¬≠li¬≠er of our time, Robert M. Parker.

A dis¬≠tinc¬≠tion offered to only the high¬≠est qual¬≠i¬≠ty sakes, Jun¬≠mai Daig¬≠in¬≠jo show¬≠cas¬≠es a lev¬≠el of crafts¬≠man¬≠ship and skill pos¬≠sessed by its cre¬≠ators. Daig¬≠in¬≠jo sakes are required to be made with grains pol¬≠ished to half their orig¬≠i¬≠nal weight. This allows pro¬≠teins and fat to be milled from the Shin¬≠paku (the starch cen¬≠ter), strip¬≠ping away unde¬≠sir¬≠able bit¬≠ter¬≠ness and sour¬≠ness, allow¬≠ing for a clean¬≠er and more refined flavour wor¬≠thy of a pre¬≠mi¬≠um sake.

Storage Instructions

Store unopened sake upright in a dark place, at a cool room tem¬≠per¬≠a¬≠ture, ide¬≠al¬≠ly at about 12 to 15¬įC. If you wish to drink your sake chilled, place it in the refrig¬≠er¬≠a¬≠tor the night before con¬≠sump¬≠tion. Opened bot¬≠tles should always be kept refrig¬≠er¬≠at¬≠ed. If you lat¬≠er wish to drink your sake at room tem¬≠per¬≠a¬≠ture, place the por¬≠tion you want into a small pour¬≠ing ves¬≠sel and leave that out on the counter at least 3 hours before con¬≠sump¬≠tion. Gen¬≠er¬≠al¬≠ly, sake should be con¬≠sumed with¬≠in one year of the bot¬≠tling date, but when prop¬≠er¬≠ly stored, it can sur¬≠vive up to 2 years. An open bot¬≠tle of sake must be con¬≠sumed with¬≠in 2 to 3 weeks.

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