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Fourme D'Ambert AOC 250g

A Mild Blue

Pre­dat­ing the exis­tence of France itself, this raw cow’s milk cheese hails from the Auvergne region and the RhĂ´ne-Alpes, just north of the CĂ´te d’Azur. Sup­pler and denser than most blue cheeses, its sub­tle wood­land scent and creamy core earned it both an AOC in France and a DOP with­in the Euro­pean Union in 1972


The Ambert’s stony exte­ri­or yields to an ivory pâtĂ© with a smooth, flex­i­ble tex­ture and promi­nent blue veins. It is cave-aged for two to three months and, in this time, inject­ed with a sweet, mel­low vari­ant of Vou­vray wine. This care­ful­ly staged process results in a vel­vet creami­ness and mush­room-like round­ness with lit­tle of the sharp bite of Roque­fort and its oth­er cousins, giv­ing the Ambert the title of the mildest of the blue cheeses.


Like most blue cheeses, the Ambert makes a love­ly fin­ish­ing crum­ble over a sal­ad of mixed greens. Enjoy it with warm slices of rye bread and spiced jam or a driz­zle of hon­ey to bring out its more del­i­cate, but­tery notes. Because of this cheese’s mild tang, it is a per­fect match for dessert wines like a good Sauterne. Red wine drinkers can also pair it with full-bod­ied RhĂ´ne wines like Syrahs or Pinot Noirs. We rec­om­mend it with our Sher­iff of Bue­na Vista (2016) blend­ed red for a lus­cious fruity accompaniment!


The Fourme d’Ambert was a part of the Gal­lic cheese­mak­ing cul­ture even before the Roman con­quest. It is said that Druids per­fect­ed the unique process of inject­ing the cheese with wine. Fourme is the old French word for cheese and is meant to describe the Ambert’s telling cylin­dri­cal shape — twice as tall as it is wide. Mod­ern cheese­mon­gers, how­ev­er, sell this pro­tect­ed del­i­ca­cy in thin disc por­tions. The Fourme d’Ambert is not to be con­fused with its more orange-brown cousin, Fourme de Mont­bri­son — which shared the same AOC with it until 2002.


The Fourme D’Ambert avail­able at The Bow Tie Duck are pro­vid­ed in disk cut por­tions and vac­u­um sealed. Each cheese disk may con­tain rem­nants of alu­minum foil from the orig­i­nal pack­ag­ing as these are meant to remain to pre­vent the fur­ther growth of the Peni­cil­li­um mold that exists with­in the cheese. 

Storage Instructions

Store in fridge. Best before Sep­tem­ber 17 2020 for cur­rent batch.

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