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Fresh Burrata in Fig Leaf

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Apulian Dairy Alchemy

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Savor the essence of Italy's Apulia with this exquisite Fresh Burrata in Fig Leaf, a testament to the fine art of cheese-making.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Within the realm of Italian dairy delights, the Fresh Burrata in Fig Leaf emerges as a magnum opus, a creation rooted deep in the pastoral symphony of Apulia. Its outer casing, a firm stretched curd, yields with dignified poise to the caress of a knife, revealing an opulent reservoir of Stracciatella. The contrast is mesmerizing: the shell’s pleasant resistance complements its luscious counterpart, tempting the palate with a dance of textures, each curvaceous spoonful expressing the cheese monger’s craft. Enveloped in either asphodel or fig leaves, the senses are further beguiled; here, tradition secures aroma, protecting the burrata’s soulful secret. A whiff teases with pastoral whispers, a milky fragrance exalted by its vegetal swaddling, while the flavors are a paean to creaminess. Each bite, a harmonious concert, unfolds sweet, buttery notes tenderly sourced from high-caliber milk and cream that have grazed upon Apulia’s fertile canvas. The provenance of its origins, immersed in geographic lore and protected by PGI status, bestows upon this burrata a unique identity, a culinary work of art painted with the brushstrokes of heritage and taste.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Antipasti: Lay slices of ripe tomato and fresh basil leaves around the burrata, then drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and a reduction of aged balsamic vinegar.
  • Main Course: Crown a freshly baked pizza or al dente pasta with torn pieces of burrata, ensuring every mouthful carries with it a burst of creamy indulgence.
  • Salad: Incorporate into beetroot and arugula salads, adding a luxurious dimension to the earthy flavors.
  • Dessert: Balance the burrata’s sweetness against the tartness of mixed berries, or the subtlety of stone fruits, for a divine close to your dining experience.

    Botanical Timestamps of Burrata

In a land where history and mythical landscapes converge—the sun-kissed pastures of Apulia—burrata takes on the mantle of a true culinary icon. Strikingly, each fig leaf that cradles the cheese stands as a botanical timestamp, hinting at the moment of creation. When slightly browning, the leaves are telltale signs indicating when the burrata reached the pinnacle of ripeness, ready to be savored. Conversing about this natural indicator can infuse the dining occasion with a flavour of storytelling, as though each leaf unfolds a chapter of Apulian time, granting diners a tale of time, terroir, and transformation at their table.

Storage Instructions

Maintain the burrata’s integrity by storing it in the refrigerator between 4°C and 6°C (39°F and 43°F). Respect its perishable nature and avoid freezing to preserve its delicate texture and taste. Recall its revelatory form within 15 days of production.

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