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Urbani Tartufi Whole Black Winter Truffles in Jars

Preserved Wintertime Elegance


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The pride of PĂ©rigord may only be available fresh for a short time each year, but Urbani Tartufi has found a way for you to sample them year-round. Comes in an elegant jar, perfect for to give as a gift or to collect for yourself.


The PĂ©rigord black winter truffle is known for its black exterior and dark interior with delicate white veining. It has an intense aroma and taste, an earthiness with a touch of dried fruit and a long-lasting, memorable aftertaste. Urbani Tartufi preserves whole truffles in beautiful glass jars, suspended in a truffle juice made from water, salt, and small truffle bits that fall off during sterilization. This way, their aroma and taste are as close to their fresh state as possible.


Use these truffles as you would their fresh counterparts. Take one out of the jar and shake off the excess juice before shaving slivers off with a small knife, peeler or—the preferred way—with a truffle shaver. You need only a small portion to impart the truffle’s signature flavor to any dish, only about 10 grams of truffle per person.

Black truffles go well with rice, egg, and potato dishes, or sliced over soups and fresh-made sauces. Shave them straight over canapés, fish, or chicken or insert pieces under the skin of poultry about to roast in the oven. Your wine pairing choices will depend on the dishes you serve, but Rhineland whites or a Pinot Noir with smooth tannins are some first-rate recommendations!


Preserving truffles is considered an art. The first to discover an appropriate conservation technique was Maison Henras, using glass jars sealed with wax. Cleaning is the first and foremost part of any truffle preserving process. These beauties are both rare and expensive, so sellers always wish to present them at their absolute best. They are hermetically sealed in glass jars and generally kept at a temperature between 2 and 4°C. Whole truffles tend to keep their aromas and flavors much better than peelings or chopped pieces.

Storage Instructions

You can keep your sealed glass jar in a cool, dry place for up to 2 years. After opening, store it in the refrigerator and use within 1 to 2 weeks. For best taste, of course, use your truffles immediately after opening the jar. Best before date of current batch: 2022

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