Pommery Mustard 250g Collection

A Staple in the French Royal Table

With a recipe that remains unchanged since 1632, Pommery’s range of award-winning mustards have graced not only the professional kitchens of the world’s top restaurants, but the tables of French kings and queens for centuries. The mustard of gourmands, Pommery Mustards are the finest of all whole-grained mustards, all natural and distinctly vinegary and rich in flavour.

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Dubbed the mustard of gourmets by the world-renowned gourmand and epicure, Brillat-Savarin, Pommery’s range of award-winning mustards delivers an exceptional texture and rich, distinctly nutty flavour that leaves you eager for more.

  1. Pommery Moutarde de Meaux: The crown jewel of mustards, loved by French kings and queens since 1632. This mustard offers a robust grain with a balanced, slightly nutty flavour. A darling of professional chefs and kitchens, this versatile mustard is perfect for your charcuterie, dips and sauces.

  2. Pommery Mustard Royale with Cognac: A heavenly combination of medium-grained mustard and luxurious cognac, the distinct flavour of its spices coupled with the perfume of cognac creates for a beautiful pair with roasted meats and sandwiches.

  3. Pommery Gingerbread Mustard: A majestic marriage of Dijon City’s 2 specialties, gingerbread and mustard. Made with real gingerbread, this mustard in grain is hot, sweet with a subtle hint of earthy spices. Perfect when paired with white meats such as chicken or turkey.

  4. Pommery Moutarde du Lion: Directly translated as “Lion Mustard”, this fine-grained mustard is intense and piquiant, with a tongue-tingling flavour as strong as the king of the jungle. This mustard brings a powerful kick paired with grilled meats, sausages or sandwiches.

  5. Pommery Honey Mustard: Thick, dark and syrupy. A whole grain mustard with an alluring blend of spices and honeyed sweetness. This mustard makes for a gorgeous and sweet glaze over Christmas ham or used with vinaigrettes to add a zingy sweetness to your salads.

  6. Pommery Mustard with Green Peppercorn: A spellbinding mustard bursting with peppery hotness. A fine-grained mustard made with crushed green peppers of Madagascar, this mustard is fragrant, slightly tart, with a spicy kick. Beautiful as part of your cheese board and charcuterie.


Encased in traditional jars, Pommery mustards are the epitome of French gastronomic elegance. Serve this luxurious mustard with Pommery’s Wooden Spoons 100% made by artisanal French craftsmen. A perfect serve for your charcuterie boards and dinner parties.

Match this French mustard with your pretzel, swiped on top of a buttered baguette, cheese or grilled bratwurst downed with a glass of ice cold beer.

If you love the contrasting flavours dancing on your palate, take a spoon-full of this mustard to pair with your plate of meat, such as our Makati Shangri-La Chilled Sher Wagyu Steak or grilled chicken, for a tantalizing burst of flavour.


With a traditional recipe unchanged for centuries, Pommery’s award winning Mustards are darlings of all professional chefs and kitchens worldwide.

With a focus on tradition, quality and excellence, it is no won­der why Pommery’s crown jewel, the Meaux de Moutarde stole the hearts of, first, the peo­ple of the region and then the kings and queens of various French courts. As of 1890, oth­er mustard manufacturers in Meaux closed out as Pommery Mus­tard became the most sought-after prod­uct in the region. Thanks to its premium quality, taste, and texture the firm recently received a gold medal award in the 2013 World­wide Mus­tard Competition.


You will receive your fresh mustard in a natural, baked-clay jar and non-compressed cork. To open, first break the wax seal on the jar with the back of a knife. Slowly and gently insert the knife between the cork and the clay jar and cut all the way around. You may opt to clean away the small pieces of wax stuck to the clay jar before serving.

Keep in a dry dark place. Packaged in a beautiful stoneware jar, Pommery Mustards have an exceptional shelf-life. Its stoneware pot prevents UV light from passing through as does its cork stopper sealed in wax. You can easily keep it for two years in a cool dry place even after opening. Refrigeration is not necessary.

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